Friday, February 1, 2008

It Was The Best of Times and The Worst of Times...

Heather at OMSH'ville is having a chocoalte giveaway, and I should hold up a sign that says "Will Blog For Chocoalate!".
Heather asked us to blog about meeting our significant other aka our husbands. I did write quite a trilogy on this back in October. I don't think you want to read through all the gory details as it was one of those dark, yet bright times in my life, bad relationship, knight in shining armor saves the day kind of relationships. So I thought I'd make this post a little more bright and cheery with a few exerts from the original post.

When we last left off, life felt like a crap sandwich after taking a bite, for me. In the midst of it all, something unexpected and joy feeling came over me for no reason as I was entering my place of work the computer lab at the local college.

I brushed aside this feeling I had, as this wasn't allowed in my mental state of mind. I sat down at the computer with tunnel vision not even realizing or caring who I was sitting next to. The person next to me had the audacity to try and have a conversation with me. Doesn't this person know I don't want to be bothered? I kept thinking to myself. Yet he kept going. I'm not even sure I remember what we were talking about. Probably the normal what's your major blah blah stuff. I didn't really care and just wanted to show my politeness and end the conversation. Yet he never wanted to end it. Finally, as I began to get up, he asked if I would e-mail him. "You want me to e-mail you?" I asked him almost unsure that he was saying the right thing. I barely even knew this dude's name. "Yes that's what I said, just e-mail me," he said. "Uh sure." I said reluctantly. Some how he gave me his e-mail and I was gone from there probably assuming I'd never see this guy again.

This person was in the lab the next day and the day after and the day after. Somehow I had indeed decided to "e-mail" him. I'm not quite sure why.

C. was definitely a poor college student bachelor. I say bachelor as he was like it seems all the men in my life were, 7 years my junior. He fit the exact profile of some one I did NOT need right now, besides I was already messed up with Mr. Wrong. Yet some how he intrigued me. Maybe it was his persistence. He also must have seen something deep within me that I didn't, because I could not understand why he had such an interest in me from the get go. We e-mailed hundreds of times daily even though he was always there in the lab. He insisted we needed to go out sometime and always something else came up, like washing my hair or re lacing my shoes. I so did not want any kind date whatsoever. I was still thinking of ways to ditch Mr. Wrong, ways like joining the Air Force. The only way I thought I could get out, was to get out. I of course didn't explain my full situation with C. about Mr. Wrong, because I didn't have the energy for explaining things.
Mr Wrong and I were seeing less of each other at this time as I think he was in Europe for a cousin's wedding. It was like a blessing in disguise. I eventually gave in to C. to go out. We had talked and e-mailed for a good month and he seemed nothing like Mr. Wrong, for one thing cleaning the house as a part of the date, didn't appear to be a pre-requisite with C. When the time came that I did finally agree to go out, Mr Wrong was back in town and anxious to see me as well. I stressed all day at work on what I was going to do. I certainly didn't want to see Mr. Wrong, and didn't want to hurt C.'s feelings and tell him once again I had other plans. Yet some how Mr. Wrong persuaded me that I needed to see him. Both parties having no clue as to the other. Right before I was to get off work C. called and said he was having car trouble (which was the truth) and couldn't make it. He was so teed off, after so many attempts of trying to take me out, now it was his turn with an excuse. For some crazy reason, which I'm guessing it was the manipulation and comfort of the "norm" of the relationshiop with Mr Wrong, I was relieved. The pressure was off for me on this new person and I could focus back on what I was used to, regardless that it would be emotionally painful. I was somehow OK with that.

C. and I eventually went out on that first date and he did things that Mr. Wrong never said or did before ever. He actually held the car door open for me to get in, just the small simple things that I had never really thought about before. My eyes were suddenly opening for the first time as though waking from a really bad dream. He actually wanted to come inside my parents house to meet them. He actually stayed and visited and was in by no means in a hurry to leave unlike Mr. Wrong.

For our second date we went to my sisters high school play and afterward headed to our first date locale Sonic and we talked and drove around and just relishing in each other's company. C pulled over to the side of road in my little town and gave me this look of I am and will be kissing you now. You know the cartoons when they kiss and fireworks go off and they start floating off the ground and it's like nothing else on earth? Well that was certainly the kind of kiss we had. It was one of those kisses that according to C. sealed the deal that I was the one he was going to marry, as he'd never had a kiss like that in all his kissing girls lifetime,which was pretty much his whole life.

This year will mark our 10 year wedding anniversary and his kiss is still like fireworks to me.
Here's part 1, part 2, and part 3, if you'd like to read the rest of the story.


Krista said...

Yay! That's such a great ending!!!

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I love happy endings. I coming to your blog via the casting call at An Island life.


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