Saturday, March 31, 2007

Game Boys Story

This is my Game Boy my "April Fool", and this is his birth story.
Most moms are none to proud to tell their horror birth story, as each subsequent child comes along the stories almost always seem to be more horrid than the last. I'm here to admit I have my horror story and they do seem to be worse as each child was born.
3 substantial things I must mention about this first birth as it is important to the story...sorta.
1. My husband was very specific to me a few days before he was born. DO NOT HAVE THIS BABY ON APRIL FOOLS DAY! He made sure to repeat this every day before April 1st. Needless to say the gods must have been laughing at him the whole time cause Mr. son came right on time.
2. March 31st 1999 was a new moon blue moon full moon..whatever that's called..a new moon? This meant that every other woman in the continental United States was in labor as well. Which somewhat put a damper on trying to get a room. Yes there was no room at the inn for this young mom in great pain. Luckily the night nurse in charge was clueless of the local area and thought we must live far far away and let us stay in the teeny tiny holding room for the rest of night. This was a good thing, cause this momma was NOT going to leave. That morning I was a good 4 a sure clincher that I was "in" and would not be leaving anytime soon.
3. Remember I mentioned April Fools day? Well number 3 leads back to number 1. That particular day (the day before..March 31) was a great day. I was feeling great. I felt like I could clean like a machine. I cleaned and mopped and scrubbed all day with no ails. As I cleaned and felt great a friend of ours was kicked out of the house by his girl friend for no real reason. So he came to stay with us for the day/evening. That night the hubs and friend decided to go to the store to get a few things. As they were gone the pains started coming. Isn't that always the way? The husband leaves the minute a crises is occurring. I lay down worrying. No I wasn't truly worrying about the pains just when the heck my husband would get home. I was also worried about our friend. Where would he go when I have this baby which will be sometime tomorrow? I know my priorities were a little off kilter. Some how it all worked out. As soon as they got back and knew the stuff was about to hit the fan. The girlfriend all of a sudden changed her story and said it was just an April fool. Imagine the relief I had. Now I could have this baby. That's honestly how my thought process worked.
After finally getting a room that April fool morning and getting my first dose of good drugs. Which by the way don't ever just get a dose of good drugs. Just go for the gusto and get the epidural. Drugs and epidurals don't mix well after several hours of labor.
I progressed fairly slowly through the day...epidurals tend to do that. Friends and family all hung out at the hospital anxiously waiting for the big shebang. We started to get kind of bored and was making bets on when this kid was going to arrive and just how much he was going to weigh. None of us got it even close.
Around 6 that evening I was a good ten and ready to push and push and push some more. After about an hour of pushing nothing was going, so they reduced my epi so I could start feeling things. By hour 2 the chief doc was called in as the resident was giving up but didn't want to cave yet for a C-section. I continued to push in every position known to man for birthing. I tried getting on my knees, I tried using the bar thing, I tried everything. No go.
When the resident finally showed up he took one look and said, "Homey don't that play that, your getting a C-Section, this babies head is not getting through that pelvis."
I felt defeated and exhausted. When you work that hard for something, you really want a happy result. I knew it had to be done though.
Since the epidural was pretty much non existent by this point, the pain was brutal and the urge to push was the only thing to give me minor relief. They explicitly told me not to push since he was so wedged in. They replenished the epi and it could not have come soon enough.
The kid was so wedged in my pelvis that they had to use the forceps to pull him back out through the other way. Talk about a tight squeeze. He even had a little bump on his head from where he was wedged.
He was born around 7:30 pm and healthy as a horse.
They gave him to me as quickly as possible for me to try to nurse. Somehow I was having some major trippy reaction from all the drugs and was shaking like a wet dog. It's really quite challenging to get a latch on and hold a newborn baby when your body is convulsing.
I think I scared all my visitors away at that point or wore them out from the brutal wait.

That night sleep was not going to come for me no matter what. The hubs on the other hand could sleep through a tornado. Since I was still recovering from the c-section and the numbness of the epi, moving was next to impossible. Little Game Boy was snug in his warmer bed sound asleep when the alarm went off. I couldn't reach it to save my life. Since I'm not one to bother people, like say the nurse, I tried waking up the hubs instead. I should have known there would be no waking him. Since the only thing I could do was yell for him to wake up or throw my ice at him, I did both. Both didn't even budge him. The nurse did finally come in and turned it off though. Poor hubs went through such a grueling labor and delivery it was no wonder he was if.

We brought home our little bundle on Easter Sunday and the rest they say is history.

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