Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adventures in Preemie Land Part Tre

Sorry for the delay on this one, I actually worked for a change today, and had to pick up some strange man from the airport who just got back from Europe.

After getting settled in with my prison I call bed, a few arrangements had to be made, like what to do with GB during the day while C was either out of town or working. The babysitter graciously came to the house in the mornings to get him and bring him home at night before bed. Needless to say it was a very depressing lonely time.
Since I'm a bit hard headed in the fact that I believed I could still do some things that didn't require being in bed, I was soon convinced that I could take care of GB as well. I managed to convince cocky doc of this. Which sadly was probably a bad idea on my part. I just needed my GB with me and hated the guilt and helplessness that I felt.
Around 24 weeks something odd started happening. I was frequently wet in places I shouldn't be and was constantly changing my underroos. I wasn't sure what the deal was and thought it to be issues with my bladder as I was constantly making a run to the loo (the bathroom for you Yanks as I clearly am British-no?). I brought up the issue to the doc and he merely brushed it off as an issue that would have to be addressed after the pregnancy. I wish to this day I had a tape recorder of him mentioning this, because it was never documented in my records.

Every week I went in, I would still casually mention my "issues" to either the nurse or the doc. His normal excuse to not look into it further was he was afraid if he took a peek under the hood, that there maybe cause for infection. Finally on about the 27 th week. I persisted to the nurse that things were really really uncomfortable. I was at the point where drinking beverages only made things worse and therefore I drank very little. She finally brought the beat down on the doc and demanded he take a look.

To this very day I have issues with docs taking a look under the hood, because each time something chaotic happens. This time around was no exception. He took a quick peek and instantly knew I was leaking amniotic fluid. Oh Joy!

As you might guess my peeps were in the usual places. GB at the babysitter, Hubs in Big D, exactly where he was last time chaos ensued. I again took my jaunt to the hospital. Good ol doc cocky knew he was probably in a world of trouble and casually mentioned to me as I was leaving. "It's going to be ok, the amniotic fluid is constantly replenishing itself." Uh yeah maybe when you're well hydrated.

I called hubs and would you believe he answered! I think he learned his lesson last time. It's ok when the instructor gets an annoying cell phone call during class, because it usually is an emergency.
Poor hubs had some driving to do. I don't know how he did it in the time he did, but he managed to race back home (80 miles plus traffic) get GB, race back north of Big D to meet his mom halfway to deposit our child and then return back to East Texas to the hospital before I got shipped off to Big D in the helicopter. I think he made 4 round trips that day plus driving back to Big D way way late that night where I was at the hospital.
I can honestly say that the helicopter trip was not glorious at all. There was no mid flight snack, instead some head phones to drown out the constant droning noise of the blades were provided. Though I have to say the flight nurses were awesome and went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible on a bumpy noisy helicopter.

I was not previously having any kind of contractions until we got going on the helicopter. It really is true that flying can cause pre term labor so I don't suggest doing it when your early in the 3rd trimester. The nurses on flight assured me that they have delivered a million babies before on the heli. Uhm I didn't ask if they had ever had delivered when the woman was sewed up.
When I arrived at the hospital, the first order of business was to remove the cerclauge. I have experienced hours of labor and totally did not enjoy that pain. The cerclauge removal was right up there with EXTREME pain. It literally felt like I was being ripped apart with a pair of pliers. I don’t think they numbed it well enough. Heinie cringe would be the understatement of the year on the pain scale.

I settled in for the night with anti labor drugs (magnesium something or other). I had a very restless night. I was warned about a few side effects of the meds. Like nausea and vomiting. One would think that due to those symptoms they would provide me easy access to say a barf bucket; though that would make this exciting post dull and uneventful. We can’t have that now can we?

Stay tuned as the exciting events unfold

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MP said...

OH MAN..I was once in a previous life a "nanny" to my friend's brother and sister in law. She was on 100% bedrest and I came over every day to watch their three kids. It was like she wasn't even in the house..very strange. I felt bad when the kids started calling me mom..which I corrected. Bed rest has to suck.


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