Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yeah It's March!

I think Winter has finally called it quits here in Tx. Of course last year in April it snowed one day. When I say snow in East Texas that means pretty little flakes fell from the sky and that's about it. I'll take that kind of snow even in April.

With the change of the month brings with it my lame attempt at being a web designer, with my mad Gimp skillz. I'm to cheap to actually buy Photoshop Elements or anything similar. I just downloaded Gimp last weekend so I'm still really new with it. My header looks like something a kindergartner created, yet I kinda like that it has that kid like charm, as if my kids helped me color it. I know I'm weird.

Nothing much at all going on this weekend which is pretty much how I like it. I don't know how you SAHM's keep up with the house on a daily basis, because as soon as I've cleaned up one room, there's another that's a disaster. Then there's cooking 3 meals a day and cleaning that mess only to start all over with the next meal. GAH

Easter comes early this year, which normally it falls on either GB or WB's birthday weekends in April. Did I mention my boys are 12 months and 14 days apart? Part 4 of Preemie Land should be out tomorrow. Unless of course you guys are bored to tears with it already.
See Ya'll on the flip side.


Krista said...

Cute! I like it and I can't wait to hear more of that story...

MP said...

Pretty colors...I thought it was Spring it's not again.


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