Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh Bite Me.. You Ugly Lizard

I'm not sure what my deal is today but I'm in a snippy mood. I think it started with the dream I had this morning. I dreamed that I was at some kind of park somewhere and all of a sudden a very odd looking lizard was on my arm and bit me on the hand. It had fangs like a snake so it's fangs just sunk right in and when I woke up I could still "feel" the bite. EEK

Then the storms came through during the morning taxi run. Somehow the van door came flying open as I was pulling out of the driveway causing WB's back pack to go flying out into the pouring rain. Luckily no one happened to be sitting on that side. Needless to say GB jumped out and grabbed it. Like I say it just hasn't been a great day.
Why yes, this is going to be a post about me griping about my day, why do you ask?
Work was busy, yeah it was Monday but still, I like my Monday's to start off peaceful and tranquil. Obviously it didn't happen today.

I picked up Bossyboy after work and he had a red day..which always makes things so pleasant as his teacher likes to give him a lecture about making better choices. Explaining choices to a three year old might be like explaining to me quantum physics. Maybe that's my opinion. Anyway as I made the final taxi pick up and was actually making good timing getting home, Bossyboy decided to unbuckle his car seat. He has a talent of doing that. Needless to say he's done it one to many times, no thanks to his big brother teaching him how to do it. I had to pull over the car and give him a little whack on the butt. I probably mostly did it out of frustration and releasing out on him. I also went there with the evil possessed your in a world of trouble voice.

He told me he was sorry and I told him I was sorry and we went from there. I hate hate doing that, yet there's days where me getting on to him over and over doesn't do either one of us any good and nothing seems to be learned in the end.

I just have those days where no matter how many times I tell a kid to do or not do something it just goes through them like air. I just want to pull out my white flag and wave defeat as if I can't do it anymore, nothing works anymore. I want to say fine go for it run out in the street or unbuckle and watch yourself crash through the back of the seat, maybe then you'll learn a lesson and not do it anymore.

I haven't quite gotten that close to claim defeat. Hopefully my white flag will never be thrown. I won't give up on them and hopefully they won't give up on me.
Thanks for hearing me out. I just needed to vent.


Krista said...

Ay yi yi! I'm sorry!
But at least you didn't have my dream. I dreamed that the husband of the couple I'm going to visit this weekend had died. And then we were all at kind of a "mourning" and I was sobbing buckets of tears. Very weird.

MP said...

everyone has a right to be crabby every now and then...
My dream the other night, my dad and I were driving through the "country" and we came across people dressed in dark blue jeans, navy and kelly green all searching for 4 leaf clovers..strange.

MP said...

I tagged you for a meme


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