Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Meme for Me

MP tagged me for Meme and lord knows I need something a little bit lighter after last night's post. It's kind of embarrassing leaving a comment on someones blog and it linking the post you made where you were a bit hormonal. A lizard biting someone? That would attract my attention.
Here we go 5 Random/Weird things about me.

1. I have to wipe the top of my pop can before drinking it, even if pouring it into a cup.

2. I love calamari but rarely eat the tentacles. For those who don't know what calamari is, it's squid fried and it's awesome when done right, minus tentacles.

3. I can't stand the flavor of artificial orange in candy or drinks. I can remember exactly the reason why. Once upon a time many moons ago when TG&Y was around. My mother would make her weekly jonts, long before WalMart made it big. Normally I wasn't a big candy eater, I didn't ask for it very often. I did however love Garfield at the time. When I feasted my eyes on a Garfield sucker at TG&Y, I knew I had to have it. My mother obliged. I took one lick of that sucker and it was the nastiest tasting orange flavored sucker I have ever tasted. It took what seemed like hours to get that taste out of my mouth. Weeks and days after that, the taste would randomly occur in my mouth. Needless to say homegirl don't do the orange.

4. If there were ever a drastic situation where my job alone depended on feeding my kids and family and providing good health benefits and what not and I had lost this current job, I would apply to be a car sales person. Now you might think ok that's weird but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thing is I couldn't sell fresh water to a shipwrecked person lost at sea. I'm just not that big in sales. I've even declined a sales position at my current company. I have no idea why I would be drawn to selling cars, I guess I figure it would be better than working at Wally world. When I told hubs this he thought that was definitely the most weirdest random thing he had heard.

5. I have a fear to all things aviary (birds). They freak me out as I've probably mentioned before. When we were at the beach on vacation last year and hubs and the boys were feeding a flock of sea rats seagulls, I took cover under C for protection and the dang things still some how managed to get poo on me. It's all about them dive bombing me with poo. I am somehow always the target even within a large crowd of people. If the lottery was chosen by a bird pooping on you in a crowded room, I'd win every time.

5 Random Places You'd Like To See Again. I'm not quite the world traveler like MP so mine is all with in the Continental United States.

1. Hands down Pensacola Fl as number 1. We went there right after they got hit with a hurricane a few years ago despite the destruction, the sand and ocean was perfect.

2. Tennessee, I thought the rolling hills were beautiful and it just seemed like a great place to live. Hubs and I both thought if we ever had to choose to move some where else that TN would be awesome.

3. Las Vegas Baby..hopefully were headed that way in May.

4. NYC I'd love to catch a Broadway show and do more sight seeing than we did last time.

5. Washington DC, we drove on through and didn't have time stop and sight see. Hubs has never taken the tour like I have.

I'm not tagging anyone as I never follow the rules. Plus I made a whopper of a Meme and that's probably enough.


Krista said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm laughing at the bird pooping lottery image. Would you even go to such a place knowing that you would win, but have to be pooped on to do it? :)
I have never actually been pooped on, but a new boyfriend I had once came to visit me when I lived in Seattle and while we were sightseeing he got pooped on. And did I mention he was bald? ;)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Huh - orange is my favorite artificial flavor (although I can't stand actual oranges or orange juice - go figure). Love your list! :)

MP said...

I like Orange flavor..my not oranges so much. I like Orange soda or vitamins..St Joseph chewable asprin..

I LOVE DC..J hasn't been there. I want to go again with him...forgot about that one. !


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