Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bossyboy's Story

Bossyboy will be 3 on Sunday June 3rd. His story isn't quite as telling as Wonderboys survival story, but this doesn't mean it shouldn't be told.

I really and truly never thought I would or could get pregnant again with all the fun issues I had with the first two. Whether the kids head was to big to go out the normal way and had to be taken out through C-Section with the forceps or a lapsed cervix that just wouldn't hold any more; I just didn't think it was possible. Since my other two came so quickly between each other that I figured no protection and almost 4 years since the last it just wasn't gonna happen. Surprise! Surprise!

I had gone to OK for a visit with the family and on the 5 hour trip back I felt the icky fluie symptoms strike. Assuming of course it was the flue. As the next couple of days progressed I knew it had to be more. I even told a girlfriend at work that I was probably pregnant cause I just know how my body is when I am. She talked to me into getting a test and the rest is history.

We had the ultrasound done around 16 weeks and I was convinced that this one was gonna be a girl. No one was going to persuade me other wise not even an experienced ultrasound tech. I was in total denial when she told me she was a he. I just knew that it had to be to early to tell. So yeah well that's at least the only time I've ever been wrong.

I was actually a little more excited for this one but knew that I was going to have hurdles to over come due to the circumstances of the last one. They did the whole cerclage thing and from there I pretty much had a smooth sailing pregnancy the rest of the way to the end. Low and behold I was scheduled for the C-section the following Monday and started having contractions that Thursday. I really didn't want an "emergency c-section" but I really didn't have much choice and I really didn't want my cervix to rip apart with stitches in it...yeah not fun. When I checked into the holding area to be checked and monitored the place was pretty crowded. It must have been a full moon. Since I was having pretty continuous contractions yet the other ladies were there long before me I was magically whisked away for my C-section and I could here them writhing in pain and wondering why I got to go first. Nana boo boo if your cervix was sewed up like mine you would have gotten to suck it haha. I really wasn't thinking that well maybe a little.

When my little bundle was finally born at 10:37PM he cried and cried the entire time they were cleaning him up all the way to the nursery after they had already snugged him in. My mother to this day believes they left him "sprawled out naked" to long and that's why he's the bossyboy that he is today and why he clings so much to his mama. I think he's just spoiled by his mama cause this baby's mama actually got to enjoy him to the fullest with out being in a post partum depression fog. Besides he's probably my last so I can do what I want.

He loves to do everything his brothers do and cannot understand why he can't do some things they do. He's probably more boy than the other two combined. He loves loves to be outside just playing. He could already hit the t-ball on the tee when he first turned two. He's probably going to be our little sportsguy. His daddy taught him to say "touchdown" when he just started to speak. In fact I think it was his second word after mama.

He can be a holy terror one minute and a sweet huggy kissy boy the next. Even though he's not the little girl I wanted, I couldn't imagine trading him for 20 girls.
Happy Birthday Bossyboy!

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