Friday, June 1, 2007

Home Sweet Flea Infested Home

WARNING! Thousands of fleas were killed in the making of this blog. No cute and cuddly pets were harmed.
Today was homecoming day. Usually when I'm on that last stretch of road I start getting those paranoid thoughts and questions in my head like What If the house is no longer standing? What if we had someone break in? or What if the house was burned to the ground or What if some how all the locks were changed and for some odd reason we were kicked out? Yeah I know I have issues. The one thing I never did think of in my arsenal of paranoia was fleas.

Before we left we took the dog to the vet for his shots and got the good flea stuff for him and the cats. We properly placed the good flea stuff on the animals and then shut them out of the house. The dog went to his dog sitters house (Thank you Athena), and the cat remained outdoors but had the garage open a small gap to sleep and eat. Well during that 9 day period what flea eggs were in the house did not have anything to latch on and die. So as we entered our humble abode relieved that all was still as we left it, bossyboy started telling the hubs "daddy, the ants are biting me." Hubs checked him out and sure enough FLEAS every freakin where. Tons and tons of fleas.

We had to evacuate the house and use the foggers to kill them all. Nothing is more exhausting than having to add an extra ton of laundry to the already over flowing laundry from vacation from fleas and fogger. Then leave the house again for another long hour or so as not to be exposed to the foggers. I think I need a vacation from vacation.

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