Sunday, June 3, 2007

Birthday Bash

I'm one of these mom's that refuse to throw a mega bash for a toddler. I just loathe those people that spend hundreds of dollars for 10 screaming toddlers to be entertained by some cheezy mouse at a pizza place. I would just have a nervous break down. Small and simple is my method and so far I haven't had any complaints.

This year the birthday budget was very slim since we just got back from vacation. I cashed in the bucket of coins and had $39.00 to spend. This is where Dollar Tree is my friend. They have all the party entertainment I need for less than ten dollars. So I got my essentials and had about 20 bucks left for his present. Yes one present. A double decker spider man slip and slide. This was to be the entertainment for the party. Who needs a cheezy mouse when I have entertainment to last this birthday and the rest of the summer.

I made the good ol box cake and decorated it with gummy worms. Decked out the table with the goods and it was a hit. The kids loved the dirt cake and had a blast on the slip and slide and yes I actually had to test it out cause well that's my job to show how a true slip n slide expert works.

Although it was a small party and we had expected a couple of my co workers kids to come, it was still great. Usually we don't even invite friends over and it's just for the family which is really all I can handle. The older boys I have gone ahead and allowed 1 friend per party and maybe will graduate each year to two. I just feel the boy and his two brothers is enough party for anyone.

So I just thought I'd jot all this down cause well it was on my mind and I was trying to stick it to the cheezy expensive mouse.

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Erica said...

Yes, we're about to go through this with Tyler- he'll be 5 in July.You should've seen some of the parties we went to last year-- amazing. The birthday party circuit is nuts!


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