Monday, June 4, 2007

What the heck is that smell?

Fordora is having a little giveaway for some really great smelling stuff from Creative Wanderings. So I thought I'd try my share at a different smelling kind of story.

The first thing that came to mind was the smell of clorox bleach or the clorox spray. I personally kind of like it cause well it smells all clean and disinfecty. Another reason why I mention it is because my former co-worker cubicle neighbor was supposedly allergic to the smell and thought I was trying to send her home sick. I thought to myself on the contrary I'm actually trying to disinfect my cubicle to prevent you or me from being sent home sick. She had some strange smell issues. She was also allergic to any kind of perfumie smells including lotions, deodorant, soap anything. I felt sorry for her but a girls gotta shower and you know use deodorant. If you were caught with a smell, well you wouldn't hear the end of it. She would actually stand up and look around and ask who did that as if someone had omitted a foul smell instead of one that was pleasant.
I loved my B&B Cotton blossom lotion but wasn't able to use it. She bought me a full bottle of lotion, the non smelling bland kind to prevent me from using my beloved B&B. I obliged to all her smelly demands and would actually feel guilty just putting my deodorant on in the morning. Its not like our cubicles were so close together she could smell it, yet somehow she always could.
God bless her she was a sweet single mom she would just go psycho about the smells.
I came back from vacation today to find out she had left for a better opportunity. I shed a small crocodile tear for her and then burst out my B&B lotion and sniffed it and told it how much I missed it and that I would never abandon it again. I also will finally get to put on my deodorant without regret and maybe even spray on a little perfume tomorrow too.

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Erica said...

Too funny! What was her problem?


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