Monday, June 4, 2007

Your opinion really does matter to me.

A couple of things for my faithful readers..all 2 of you.
First off thank you thank you for actually taking the time out of your busy busy internet schedule to stop by and read my little slice of life. I'm sure that there are far better things to read in this internet galaxy than what I have to say.
Secondly since you are stopping by than I feel obliged to offer you some kind of nice banner eye candy for your viewing pleasure. I'm sorry it's not professionally done or anything but blogger is really cool to atleast let me upload my own created header easily. So on that note what do you think of this lovely summery header? If you hate it and it makes you want to barf...please please tell me cause ya'll have to look at it and I have fun making them and can always find something else. So no feelings hurt here.
Please don't be shy to comment, you don't have to have blogger to comment or even have a blog. I really do like to hear from you and it just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
Thank you again for stopping by.

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