Saturday, February 2, 2008

When Was The Last Time?

As I sat here tonight among the testosterone brood that lives in this house, watching Transformers the movie, I asked myself, when was the last time I actually watched a chick flick? I couldn't answer that question, couldn't even come close.

I don't get to many outings out with the girls...cause well I don't really have any close girl friends here. Sure I have co-worker girl friends, but I can see them everyday Mon-Fri 40 hours a week. At some point that really becomes plenty.

I guess I get swept away with work, and the hustle and bustle of kids and life in general, that I don't really take out the time for me to make me feel girlie girlie or much less just think about it.

I made a list in my head of what I wanted to do to change the blah feeling around here and recharge my estrogen girliness and kick some testosterone bootie. Thought I'd jot them down cause well storing them in your head, usually tends to make one forget. I'd love to hear you guys' suggestions on what else I should do to make me feel girlie girlie.
-Order a chick flick on Net Flix I'm thinking Pride and Predijuice. Any suggestions for a good one? I don't really care for the romantic comedy type, their ok but they get kind of on my nerves, never mind the fact I haven't seen one in forever. Last one I recall was runaway bride a million years ago. I was really disappointed in the ending. It's a chick flick you're supposed to have the right ending.
-Do my monthly manicure and pedicure. I do it myself, I've honestly never had someone else give me a pedicure.
-Get a new eye and lip color and maybe actually wear it.
-Go way out on a limb and get some cute dainty earrings. I haven't worn earrings since my wedding 9 and half years ago. I told you I was in a rut.

Right now it's a rather small list. I'm trying to be reasonable and not go whole hog just yet. Plus C. has this thing about the finances, so my budget is quite limited. I'm anxious to hear your ideas.

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jennifer said...

Go get a pedicure, from a salon! It's worth it, promise. Call right now.


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