Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Post I Didn't Want To Write Part 3

I'm sure your all just on the edge of your seats for the grand finale. If you are I apologize for the delay.

As we last left off I was under the impression that Mr. Wrong was gone gone forever and I was enjoying my bliss of C.

I was punching the key pad to enter C's apartment which just happened to be the same four digits as my parents phone number, and my ATM number. The cell phone rings and I answer, assuming it's C.
"Jeanie it's me, I need to talk to you."
My heart sunk to the floor, this did not sound like the Mr. Wrong I knew. He actually sounded remorseful and somewhat feeling. Yet I didn't really care, because I had bigger fish to fry like getting through the darn gate. After attempting every combination of numbers that involved my phone number, ATM number and the secret code number to launch nuclear missiles, I wasn't getting in.
"Can you hang on a minute, I'm trying to get into C's apartment?"
Instead of allowing him to respond, I just threw the phone in the seat next to me. I should have just haphazardly pressed end and changed my cell phone number forever, But I didn't. Miraculously someone came in behind me and let me in.

I picked up the phone and for the next 30 plus minutes, all I heard was, " I really do love you, and I want to marry you, and I've told my parents all about you and everything is hunky dory and I thought we had plans together, why do you think we were looking at houses, and so on so on."
Who is this person? I was thinking. What changed from our last little chit chat to now?
This was a time when cell time minutes were not cheap. You didn't have a unlimited call time plan. Yet he kept going on and on and all I kept thinking was what am I going to tell C. about this and dang it Mr. Wrong your running up my cell phone bill.
He was adamant about seeing me again, and that he had a ring. Ugh! I just let him keep talking and didn't really have anything to say. I do remember the only thing I kept saying was "why are you telling me all of this now? and "C. will be here any minute." He never really had an answer to either.
Some how I was able to get him off the phone and tried to figure out what I was going to tell C.
For some reason it took all I had to tell C. because I knew he would be furious and want to hunt Mr. Wrong down. C. knew it was all a manipulation game and declared if he wants to play these little games then I'll be more that willing to play along with him.
Hubs never went into specifics on what exactly he did, but mentioned that he made a call to Mr. Wrong's work and gave them a word or two and kept everything anonymous.
I saw Mr. Wrong one last time at the college library a few weeks later. He looked distraught and my heart almost ached for him. I almost approached him and him me but he saw in the distance that C. was not to far away and immediately turned around the other way and walked off. That was the last and final time I ever heard from Mr. Wrong again.

After just a few months of being with C. and the fireworks had settled C. would propose marriage to me 10-20 times a day and tell me how awesome I was and that he'd never met anyone like me. I was just so overly happy and free and had never felt anything so wonderful as C's true love. I would tell him someday we'd marry but not anytime soon. Which was a lie cause we married a little over a year right after meeting.

I was accepted into Rad. school and had 2 semesters left when I got preg. with Gameboy. It all happened so fast with marriage and then boom 3-4 months later I was pregnant.
I still have unsettling thoughts of Mr. Wrong and some scars yet to heal, but over all as I have always believed; things happen for a reason. I believe a higher power had a plan for me and even though it did require hurtful events to lead to something good, it was probably part of a beginning of many life lessons.


dawn224 said...

Writing it all down helps....

Krista said...

That is quite the story. And I am happy that you had a happy ending! I'm not sure I'd have the guts to write my story online... too many people I know in real life read this!

does it ever feel to you when you read other people's blogs that it's fiction? sometimes I have a hard time imagining what it would be like say if we were neighbors. I bet we would be friends. but somehow I see you as a lot older than me (even though you aren't!) weird, huh?

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Glad you didn't go back to Mr. Wrong. Also glad C turned out to be your husband.


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