Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How Far Would You Go For Your Kids?

How Far Would You Go For Your Children? Is the topic of discussion this week at Parent Bloggers Network.

This is a pretty deep and interesting question, as I think most parents would do absolutely anything and everything possible for their kid as that's what a parent should do and does. How far do you go and what circumstances curtail you not to go too far?

I know I would try and go as far as humanly possible as you could go, depending of course on the circumstances. If any of my sons are in need of some kind of health related sacrifice for our kid's health, whether it blood or kidney or whatever, you needs to know that I would do it, in fact hubs and I would probably have to thumb wrestle each other down on who would do it first.

When Wonderboy was in his critical stage of life when we really didn't know one day from the other if he would actually make it through, there were several times he was in need of blood transfusions. If I would have been in any kind of state of health to donate my own blood I would have. Luckily enough my mother was more than willing to be the next in line to be a direct blood donor and did so.

When it comes to something materialistic such as Gameboy wanting a DS dooma hickie from that company that created Mario Brothers, he's not gonna get it anytime soon. We really don't go to a crazy extent to make our kids happy by providing materialistic items unless it's somehow required for their well being. Wonderboy's glasses and all the boys shoes are pretty much always a top priority. We will stop at almost no cost to provide those items no matter what obstacle we have we'll get them. There was one school morning when some how Gameboy's shoes had gotten into such a decrepit shape that the sole was pulling away from the shoe and he was flopping around like some kind of Hobo. Hubs took the boy to the "House of Wal" to get him new shoes. Even though it did require him to get a tardy, Hubs would not let his son go to school with holes in his shoes.

One thing hubs and I will not pull out the stops for is if a son of ours calls up from jail(hopefully never in the near future) to come bail them out for DUI, DWI. We feel the kid "deserves" a night in jail to think about the consequences they have caused to their own self and to others around them. We will fight for them at all costs if they are innocent or framed or something similar. There's just certain things that we feel they need to learn a lesson on their own for whatever the reason.


SusieJ said...

Excellent points.

Karianna said...

Yes - protection and support have their place, as does education and trust. Sometimes "not" doing something in the name of teaching your child a lesson can be "how far we go," and that can be harder than action!


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