Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gotta Have Your Wat-aah!

The kind people from the Drink Wat-aah Challenge, asked that I do a challenge on my boys to see if they would choose Wat-aah in the nifty bottle labeled BODY or would they choose the pesky convenience of over sugared juice and soft drinks.

I knew that my two youngest are not big water drinkers like they should be. I also knew that my oldest is always up for a challenge large or small or unusual. I placed the bottles in the fridge and when the boys came home from school and asked the age old question "I'm thirsty!" I was ready with a quick response of get something out of the fridge and then grabbed the camera.
The oldest saw the bottled water immediately and wanted to know what this curious water was that said BODY. If you raise boys yourself than you will know that when they see something of liquid and it's labeled Body, they instantly assume that body parts must be inside. Needless to say he had to jump on that. The other two not so much.

Gameboy thought the water tasted great body parts and all, but thought maybe there would actually be some kind of flavor to it.
The youngest tried a sip of his brother's and decided he didn't want his own.
I honestly didn't even try with Wonderboy as he literally gags at the sight of green beans much less "plain old water", lets just say he marches to his own drummer.
Gameboy did finish off both the Body and Brain formula's and I declare that a small success over choosing the high sugar alternative.

I think the idea of bottled water focused on kids is a great idea and with the added nutrients involved is bonus.

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The Mom said...

With 6 people in the family, if everyone used a glass every time they wanted a drink, well... We keep old water bottles, and everyone has their own in the fridge. So when they want a drink, they just get their own bottle out and drink from that, then put it back in. We don't drink juice or soda. Pretty much water.


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