Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Take Back What I Said Yesterday...

Remember just yesterday, my woes of a reformated computer and a Internet browser that was not my fave? I would take all that back just to have poor little HP happy and healthy again.
Last night the hubs decided we should make a late night dash to our favorite hangout the big box electronic store. We haven't gone in such a long time and with out the kids to beg for a new video game, how could I refuse? Can you tell we party hard when the kids are gone?
While we were gone the house was raided by wild beasts, who came through and pillaged our garbage can and caused death and destruction through out the house. Maybe not the death part so much, and maybe it was only one beast- the dog.

I stupidly left a glass of milk on the coffee table along with sweet litte HP. She was still on humming away awaiting my arrival home to finish up the last of the bastetball. When we got home we expected the pillage of the trash. When we get an urge to go, we dash out of the house with no second thoughts, forgetting to close up the trash. I however did not expect the dog to go at my milk. Needless to say it was completely dumped on little HP.
She is in the O.R. aka hubs house of pain, as we speak. I don't have much hope. The hubs is not licensed to practice surgery on laptops only desktops. Poor little HP is in a few pieces but has most of the milk cleaned up...he thinks. Right now he's just letting things dry out and will then put the pieces back together. The hubs has hope. I sadly don't..and it doesn't have anything to do with his lack of laptop skills..or maybe it does, I don't know.
Right now I'm on the hubs laptop. This puppy is a Cadillac compared to my little mini cooper. Unfortunately the hubs probably will not be to willing to share by next week since he has to fly out.


Lawanda said...

Awww! Oh no!

I actually had a nightmare that I did something like that to our new laptop!

Laurie said...

RIP? Poor little HP. Here's hoping it recovers!

The Mom said...

Oh, I am so sorry! I will show that to my family and show that is another reason why I won't have inside pets (not that we have outside pets either!). LOL


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