Friday, March 20, 2009

You Are My Internet, My Only Internet, Please Don't Take My FireFox Away

The hubs decided he would do the husbandly thing by reformatting my laptop while I was gone. He told me a few weeks ago he was going to do it so that I could upload or save out my stuff. I did in fact do this several weeks ago thinking he would do it then. He of course didn't until this week.

He did save out my stuff for me on his external drive and now I have to go back through and reload everything. He thought that he was doing something great to help speed up my computer and load some anti spyware, virus protection in other words so I don't download a bunch of crap on my computer, like he thinks I do.
The problem isn't so much this spyware, virus protector even though it is driving me nutso with it waving popping ups every 5 seconds to go on a "risky" site. The problem is my computer is slower than ever. I didn't have any problems to begin with in my if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality.

He also did the cardinal sin of Internet browsers and downloaded Opera. He loves Opera and has been begging me to use it as it will be soo much faster than FireFox. I'm thinking Opera and this spyware thing are not friends. The page just loads as if I'm dial up.
I downloaded FireFox, because I just could not bare to go another hour with Opera or Explorer. Launched FireFox went to a page and it also loaded slow as molasses. Sigh! Right now I'm on Explorer which seems to be the only web browser that is actually loading at the normal high speed of DSL.
Why am I crying on your shoulder about this? Because Wah! I just wanna blog and get caught up. I haven't even started my blog reading routine yet. Hopefully I'll get things squared away. I just feel so out of wack.


kristi said...

WHY do husbands do this??? word verify is genes. said...

I feel your pain! I can't live without my Firefox!
You know, this reminds me of a friend of mine who's husband obsesses over how she keeps the interior of her car. He is constantly taking things out that she wants or needs in there and "putting things up" in her car that don't go there. Drives her nuts!

The Mom said...

I would take some money and take it in and get it looked at. And then start messing with his stuff and see how he likes it! LOL


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