Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again..Sorta

I thought I'd give you an update to my laptop laments.

The surgery was a rousing success except for a few key issues. The keyboard is fried. That makes things really difficult when say doing things imperative like blogging. The other issue is the mother board could possibly be dying a slow death. Something about a screeching beeping noise on boot up alerted us to that issue.

The good news is she does boot up.
The bad news is I would have to use a USB keyboard to get it fully functional.

The good news is the mouse part of the laptop still works.
The bad news is it's really tricky to switch from laptop mouse than switch over to giant keyboard. Sure I could have probably scrounged up a mouse somewhere but that would be to easy.

I decided right then to set up shop on the boys desktop. I figure this way I can monitor better on what their doing as far as what sites their going to and making sure their not downloading crap on their computer.

Im already settling in. Ive got my Firefox, got my Picasa photo editor and have uploaded some pics. I've got my(their) little desk here right next to the window. I actually feel like I could get used to this.

The best part out of this whole fiasco, was I found over 900 pics on this computer that I feel I have never seen. Pics of Bossyboy when he was a baby that I thought were completely gone or at least burned on CD and stashed away somewhere in the realm of despair. Pics of my older two when they were as old as Bossyboy now. Then of course there were the hideous pics of me and my awful hair woes through out the years. Oprah's hair ain't got nothing on my crazy blonde streaked hair.
Needless to say, you may be seeing some random baby pics here and there. Since the oldest twos birthday is literally right around the corner, photo collage here we come.
The only bad part of this situation is now I have to actually share the computer with 3 other people. I figure, I'll do as much as I can at night and during the day when the other are in school. Bossyboy and I will just have to duke it out.

How about a quick little pic of the cutest little boys you ever did see?

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The Mom said...

I love seeing old pictures that I had forgotten about! And I can't wait to see the crazy hair. You know you can't tell us about it and then not post them!


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