Monday, March 23, 2009

The Simple Womans Day Book

Oustside My Window: It's a gloomy blustery day. I assume we'll get rain but I could be wrong.

I am hearing: The sound of the wind swirling around the houses, a wind chime in the distance, and a crazy monkey running like a banshee outside.

I am thinking: I really do like this little nook where the computer is. I can watch the little monkey running around outside and I just feel content.

I am thankful for: The boys only boy second great cousin (however he's related) who is close enough in age that his mom gives me his hand me downs. I always get way more than I could ever use. Thing is the boys will be 12 before they will fit in half of them.

I am wearing: Sweats and a T-shirt. I'm sorry I didn't put in any extra effort today.

I am hoping: That I survive the next few weeks of birthday extravaganza. Should be fun!

From The Kitchen;
I've got to get back in the groove of actually cooking this week.
Monday: Smothered Steak and scalloped potatoes
Tuesday: I'm making an effort to make calzones. We'll see how that goes.
Wednesday: Mac & Cheese
Thursday: Egg Sandwiches
Friday: Order Pizza
Can you guess which days the hubs will be out of town?

I am reading: I'm still reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. I know, I'm slow. I am almost done, like a hundred pages left. I really do like the story. I've learned that you have to just get over the names and enjoy the epicness (I know it's not a word -pfft spell checker) of the story itself. It makes me think of just sitting down and hearing someone tell you a story, it could even be a story you've heard a million times but the way the story teller tells it, it just lures you in.

I am creating: Very little at the moment.

Around the house:
Hopefully I will have a Tackle it Tuesday to share. I'm overdue.

One of my favorite things: Finding almost a thousand old pictures and showing the boys.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
-Hopefully a tackle or two around the house.
-Friday is the birthday sleepover. Luckily he only wants to invite one or two friends (my sanity couldn't take anymore). Love that boys are easy to please and really just want to hang out and play. I also plan to do a big ice cream sundae buffet in lieu of birthday cake. We will be caked out before April is over.

A Picture Thought:
Oh you know I'm going to lay on the pics this week. -
Since my unique way of naming pics back then, involved only putting the date...I'm just going to pic one at random. This should be interesting.
I'm trying to figure out why my mom's flower bed is covered in fall leaves in August?

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shayla said...

That's funny...and they are in shorts and flip flops...just doesn't seem to go with raking dead leaves. Hmmm. It's a mystery.


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