Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 13-Why?

A few thoughts I've been pondering...

1. Why does a family size box of cereal only lasts a few days?

2. Why does my entire house suddenly look like the kid's play room?

3. Why does a hot shower feel so dang good, yet I never want to stay in to shave, unless I really have to?

4. Why does my husband get crazy notions in his head to rearrange furniture, when he knows darn good and well that he'll get half way through and not finish; leaving me to finish the job?

5. Why is it that I can do 3-4 loads of laundry a day and still barely make a dent in the laundry pile?

6. Why is it that the minute I finish cleaning and scrubbing down the bathroom, it never fails, I then have the urge to go?

7. Why is it that when I put the trash out before 7am; the trash man doesn't come until 9 or 10am, yet the one week I'm late getting it out, they come right at 7?

8. Why does my mother think that the weather is to blame for any technological problem? Such as the battery on her cell phone dying faster than normal, must be due to the cold weather.

9. Why does Wonderboy the crazed Veggie Tale fan, have a complete anxiety attack when the Where Is My Hairbrush song come on?

10. Why does the hubs get ticked at the dog for being on the couch now, when he used to let the dog get on the couch all the time when he worked from home?

(Can you tell I'm running out of Whys?)

11. Why do people get in a hurry in the school pick up lane and want to go around the line? Don't they know they aren't going anywhere until the crossing guard allows for traffic to go ahead and move?

12. Why is it that the very day I vacuum the floors, hubs comes home and mentions that it looks like the floors need vacuuming? Am I allowed to beat him with a wet noodle for that or not even bother to vacuum at all?

13. Why is it that the grass on the lawn is dead as a door nail right now but the weeds are growing like crazy?


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I would love a playroom. We keep all the toys in the living room because I don't want MM playing with them all night when he's supposed to be sleeping - but it would be awesome to have some other magical room where they could all go - not to mention a 3rd bedroom for BB

shayla said...

All I can say is "I hear ya!" on all of your "why's". We have a playroom and yet the boys still MUST bring ALL the toys in the livingroom, like it's just not fun unless your parents are watching you play!

The Mom said...

Those are all good questions!


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