Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Blog Has Gone To The Dogs

Well maybe not this dog. He is looking unapprovingly at the crises that is the blog right now.

I just feel like I've been in a major blog slump lately. I used to actually have some random blog story on a regular basis. I actually would believe in my little blog fantasy world, that I was even sorta funny.
I can't even remember when I last actually told some life story that was funny or not. I literally sit here and stare at the laptop and just stare and blink a little. I guess I'm thinking some magic power of osmosis is going to zap my brain with a fantabulous post.

I could blame the weather for this as I'm usually pretty blah during winter. This would be a total lie however, because sometime this week it may get up to 70. **ducks while the rest of the country bashes their fist through the monitor at me**

I could blame the constant badgering of a certain 4 year old who is constantly calling "Mom!" every 15 seconds (at least has today) to drive me up the crazy wall and break my concentration. This would be a lie also because he does pretty well entertaining himself. Today was just one of "those" days I guess.

I could blame that I'm constantly busy doing that SAHM thing, like cleaning house and cooking dinner and doing the happy homemaker thang. This too would be a lie. I'm no more motivated to blog than I am to be a happy homemaker. Though I really really want to be motivated to do both.

Some would blame my lack of adult interaction. This could be true. I've had countless opportunities to get out and socialize but I keep making up excuses.

Every month I get a letter from the Autism support group that meets monthly to discuss "Autism" stuff. Yeah you'd totally think this would be perfect. Meet some other moms who also have to deal with the "special spectrum" kids. Every time the day of the meeting comes, I talk myself completely out of it. Usually the reason is "I don't know where this school is that they meet." Which is a really lame excuse because Google is my friend.
Last night's excuse was the fact that everyone was required to bring an appetizer. This would be all well and good. The thing is I've never met these moms and their kids. I don't know what their attitude is towards certain foods. There's so many people that are doing the whole: gluten free, organic, my kids allergic to everything kick, that I'd be afraid anything I would bring, no one would or could eat it. I agree this is yet another lame excuse because I could have easily brought a veggie or fruit tray. My response to that was everyone else would probably bring the same thing. I know I have issues.
I totally didn't mean for this post to be a anti socialization tangent. Looks like it went that way anyway.
So I ask you dear faithful few readers two things:
1. Yell at me and tell me to get my rear in gear and get out and socialize. Which I promise no excuse next month.
2. I'm taking requests. Do you have a random question for me or want me to tell you a random story of something or another in my life, let me know. Please. I'll try to be as funny as my brain will allow..which don't expect to much. Let's not kill the blog..just yet.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I just wanted to say that I can so completely relate - I have a nasty habit of avoiding social interaction, and I'm not sure why. I know my reasons are also all lame excuses.

But it does seem to me that when my blog fodder gets the worst, it's because I've found myself in a major rut - at some point, you gotta do something. But at the same time, at some point, LIFE catches up with all of us.

We don't mind a bit of mundane while you work through it - we all need that sometimes.

Lawanda said...

I *like* mundane :) Being myself a rather mundane type.. ;)

I would like to know about your wedding. How about it? Colors? bridesmaids? any enticements to elope? wish you did something different? wouldn't change a thing?

Have you already blogged that? You blog yours and I'll blog mine ;)

And get out there and socialize. ;) I have been the same way though. Usually I am a very social person, always wanting to invite people over, but lately I been making excuses... like they wouldn't like what I would fix em to eat, etc ;) haha

shayla said...

You really have to take care of yourself and that means getting some "girl time." I think it's critical to keeping that "abnormal psyche" of yours. Hehe. Really, get out...and think of it this way...look at how much YOU can offer another person!

I would like you to tell about Jr high when your boyfriend thought your deodorant was the smell of your hair! Love that one!

Krista said...

Okay, here's me YELLING! :) From one SAHM mom to another, you gotta get out of the house! And no, I don't mean just to pick up the boys!
It will do wonders for your overall attitude. Make a coffee date with someone you know. Heck, make it with someone you barely know and maybe you'll make a new friend!

I hope your relocating process goes better soon! ;)

And I don't know what I want to hear about... maybe something about when you were growing up. Like your first memory or something.

Heidi said...

Girl, your blog is just that, YOUR blog. It's not to impress readers, its for you to be you. that's why you have readers, they like YOU. So let it all hang out there sister, we still love ya.

The Mom said...

I worry about being in a funk sometimes, but I just muddle through.

Tell us your children's birth stories, if you haven't already. I LOVE birth stories!


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