Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President..

I mentioned yesterday that the boys wrote a letter to President Obama for KidsDo. They will be compiling some of the best letters and pictures and making it into a book to give to the president.
I thought this was a really neat idea to get into the boys brains and see what they think of this new president. It was interesting to say the least...
"Congratulations Obama for being the new president! It's great. I hope you stay president for a while. Can you make the tax go down please. My mom and dad are kinda poor. And can you keep us safe. By Gameboy 9 years old. Born in Texas."

A couple of things to note here. First off I hope he doesn't conceive some notion that our president will have a short run.
Secondly we are not poor. We are comfortable. I guess seeing his mom scrap her purse for change, so he can have lunch money makes him think we're poor. If Mr. President wants to lower my taxes and give me a bailout. I won't complain.
Thirdly, I realize his name is showing here and I forgot to mark it out. I'll let it slide this time. Just pretend you didn't see it or something.

This is his pic of Obama under the flag which is under a rainbow. You know, peace and hope and all.
Bossy Boy is totally clueless about what the big fuss is about. Maybe in his generation it really will be that way. He made a map. Here he is pointing to where grandma's house is on the map. This is the most colorful art he's ever done and enjoyed.
Here's my little Veggie Tales nut. His first side says "Be God With Others 1John 7:77". This verse does not exist. Thought I would clear that up before you started searching Bible passages online. I saved you some foot work. Your welcome. I have no idea if he just got them mixed up..which is totally plausible or he just made it up...also very plausible. It is sweet in it's own philosophical way.
"God made you proud. You made God happy. "
This one is his own words. I'm pretty sure he's trying to sound like Bob the tomato. Did I mention I have a Veggie Tale nut on my hands? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I most likely won't be submitting their letters. I will put them in their keep sake boxes for historical purposes.


The Mom said...

Those are so sweet! Make color copies and submit the copies and keep the originals.

And we love Veggie Tales too. Especially the countdown of Silly Songs!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

That's really sweet - I love a child's outlook on things. I kept trying to explain this whole president thing to MM and he was just like, 'Wanna watch Shrek, mama?'

Krista said...

Very historical all right!

And ya know, if you hadn't said anything about the name I bet we wouldn't have noticed... ;)

shayla said...

You have some very sharp and talented boys. Makes a momma proud!


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