Monday, January 19, 2009

A Simple Womans Day Book

Outside My Window: It's very sunny and breezy. It's pleasant. Sorry cold weather friends.

I Am Hearing: Lego Star Wars and children yelling "Use the force!" A not so typical Monday afternoon, since we normally ban the Wii during the week. Kids were out of school today and they lasted all day with out the Wii. So of course I caved.

I Am Thinking: I've got to start dinner soon.

I Am Thankful: For our freedom and our country no matter our differences. That this week seems like a hopeful and historical week for our country. It's actually really made me a tad bit excited and very hopeful.

I Am Wearing: My sisters Oklahoma State shirt. I'm protesting wearing OU as long as I can, which won't be long as half my t-shirt wardrobe is OU. I may jump on the OSU fan least until football season starts again. At least when they lose it won't break my heart as bad.

I AM Hoping: For unity and harmony for our new president. We'll see how that goes. I'm also hoping to take another stab at a red velvet cake tomorrow. My random thoughts know no bounds...

From The Kitchen:
Monday- Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes (totally the fake ones I wont lie), and glazed carrots.
Tuesday- Broccoli Cheese Soup
Wednesday-Chicken and rice casserole (off the campbells soup can of course)
Thursday- P.W's lasagna I'm overdue in making it and gosh dang it, it's good.
Friday-Leftovers or egg sandwiches

I AM Reading; I still haven't gotten to the library to pick me something up. I'm having with drawls. Any suggestions? I think I want something light and enjoyable, not a heavy read like Twilight.

I AM Creating: Today the kids wrote a letter to Barack Obama for a possible chance for it to be entered in a book that will be given to Obama. You can check out the details at KidThing. I may not get them sent off but I thought it was a neat thing to do today. I wanted to see what the boys think of the next president and how they'd like him to take care of our country. I will post their letters tomorrow. Their very interesting to say the least.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Toys and clutter all over the place. I can imagine that this will be the norm during the summer time. Why I'm thinking summer now, I have no idea.

One of my favorite things: Talking hubby into taking me out for Mexican food. He's not really big into sit down Mexican food and would rather just make a run to Taco Hell. It takes a lot of convincing for him to go. I felt I deserved Mexican this week after my hormonal baby drama issues.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I plan to watch as much of the events of the inauguration as I can tomorrow. Thank goodness for CNN live so I can watch it online. I have a $30 Children's Place gift card burning a hole in my pocket and hubs said we'd all go to the mall on Friday. I'm hoping there's still some good clearance stuff left. It really doesn't take much to thrill me.

A Picture Thought: Feather tagged me for the random 6th folder 6 picture meme. I thought I'd randomly place it here since I haven't taken any pics lately. See how I kill two birds with one stone?
My 6th folder is actually my Microsoft clip art folder so I skipped to the 5th folder which is my Oldies pic folder. I don't have a precise organizational method to my madness when it comes to organizing photos. The sixth pic is an out take photo of our 07 Christmas Card. It kinda makes me laugh.


The Mom said...

Have you ever read anything by Gail Carson Levine? She "rewrites" classic fairy tales, like "Cinderalla" becomes "Cinderellis and the Glass Hill" and "Sleeping Beauty" becomes "Princess Sonora." I love them all! They are written for 8-12 years old, so that tells you how easily entertained I am!

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

I like this post! It just seems very real to me! :)

(came over from Feather's Blog)


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Hmmm have you read any Janet Evanovich? She is my light reading of choice - her Stephanie Plum series (One For The Money, etc.) is a favorite of mine.


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