Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ask And You Shall Receive

I'm working on the "Wedding Story" and the crazy first kiss story that involved great smelling hair. Oh yeah ya'll will want to stick around for that one. It's great when you have documented history to refresh your memory. So I will be taking you back in time as my 14-15 year old self will be guest posting. Even I can't wait for that one.

In the mean time, you also requested baby stories and that you shall have. I hope you've got some time on your hands though. Wonderboy's story was an epic in itself. I actually need to update the last of the birth as I feel I left out some detail. I'll do that eventually since it's long enough as it is. The main gist is on my side bar, it's the most "exciting" of the three birth stories. The other two, I'm hunting down and should be up shortly.


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