Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday November 11th 1992

Welcome to the WM247 time machine. We will be setting our date to Monday November 11th 1992. Please remain seated at all times during the trip and keep all bodily appendages inside the vehicle. Thank you and have a nice trip.

Now I'm gonna let you on a little secret. I'd almost rather jump into a string bikini at this moment and take a picture of it and expose to you all on the interenets, than re hash this diary entry. But I love you guys and what the heck you only live once. Keep in mind I was in 9th grade in the early 90's and probably the biggest dork of the century and probably still am but that's neither here nor there. I will probably break in occasionally to defend myself or make fun of myself depending on the situation. If you think I ramble on now..well you haven't seen nothing yet. Somethings never change I guess. Just giving you fair warning. Oh and the names are made up but the story is real..protect the innocent and all. Ready? here we go.

"Today has been an eventful day!!! I'm not even sure where to start. I guess by saying he wasn't mad at me. Today has to be one of the most memorable days of my life. Today was the worst/best day of my life. To start off we went to the Civic Center a class field trip to see some plays, nothing gone wrong so far. We get there and Im hanging around Jay, April, & J.D. and their friends. Guess who then decides to hang around? Tina! The last person on earth I wanted hanging around. I guess she thought she was gonna plop down next to me-Wrong! I pulled Jay inside the aisle - I don't think he was actually expecting that- But I told Tina "Sorry he's sitting here." So of course being the nerd that she is sat next to him instead."
*Please don't think that I was some evil mean girl to other girls..though maybe looking back I might have been and didn't realize it.**
"Anyways, Jay was kind of anxious for the lights to go out. What else is new? Finally 2 hours later they went off to start the show. I think we got to the 1st scene of something before we started holding hands and to my great surprise I wasn't sweating like a dog in heat"
**I'm just typing it like I see it...while rolling my eyes. Carry on.**

"He said all this stuff to me like; your hair smells really good.
I hate to say this but I hadn't washed my hair since Sunday.- It couldn't have been my hair- it was my wonder I wasn't sweating like a dog."

**What teenage girl didn't wear Teen Spirit deodorant in 92?**

"He started to put his arm around me which didn't bother me but the people behind us were whistling & stuff."
**All of his friends made it a point to sit behind us, to get great seats to view the show.**

"To get to the good part we kissed in the middle of the end of the last play in pitch darkness right before the actors took a bow. It wasn't a passionate kiss. What do you take me as? It was just a nice innocent kiss. It was funny because we kept looking at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Im not really sure who made the first move (ME) alls I know it happened like majorly fast. All I remember is bending down into the seat- him saying anytime your ready or something like that. I kind of closed my eyes -even though it was already black in the first place. Then as a matter of fact I don't think I got him right on the lips I think I was a tad bit above the lip. What do you expect when your basically kissing someone in pitch darkness with your eyes half closed? I rose up real quick because I thought oh my gosh I can't stay to long as the whole world might now be watching. I guess you had to be in my mind at that moment."

**One thing is for sure, I did not leave out any details. I also love that I emphasized who really made the first move.**

"After the plays were over he told me I was a good kisser. Yeah right! Like I'm experienced or something."

**You sure you guys want to muddle through the rest? It's not really relevant. Oh all right, since we've gone this far.**

"The worst part of my day- The last part was the best part of my day. Duh!
The bus broke down on the highway on the way back. Something to do with the clutch. Jay told me everything that was wrong with it in great detail. We had to wait 45 minutes for another bus to come-then when it came, they kept saying we didn't have time to stop & let us get lunch! The bus drivers wife had to be somewhere by 1:30 so we couldn't stop! Finally they called the principal & asked him if we could stop at the plaza & then walk back up to the school. We couldn't because Mr Powell thought we had already eaten! We get to the school all ticked off because we didn't get to eat out. Everyone bought candy bars from Mrs. Sandy. I was to "sick" to eat chocolate so I starved but Stacie and I scraped the left over cheese from someones cheese and crackers. What was left of it anyway. Jay gave me one of his Twix from the twenty he bought. Then the rest of the buses came back from lunch. Dawn was mad at me for not riding her bus. I felt really bad about that! But she told me she felt really stuffed/sick so I felt sorry for her. Then they came on the intercom saying the people who rode Mr. Wines bus can go to the cafeteria to eat. I was to pissed off to eat cafeteria food. I had my heart set on a big mac from McD's. I also found out I had gum in my hair, which didn't make my day any better!"

**Oh the drama! I also think it was the immature friends behind us that stuck the gum in my hair. Can't be sure on that though..maybe fresh gum is what he smelled.
This last part I debated adding cause this is where the epitome of cheez happens. I'll grin and bare it anyway. Gulp.**
"I guess Gods punishing me from my innocent kiss from a prince- well he may not be a prince but he sure ain't an ugly old frog! By the way to top it all off, today was our one month anniversary!"

It's ok to laugh on my behalf. I had to sit down and read the entire diary. It's always good for a great laugh and memory jogger when Im blah. To think I have two more with riveting details of high school woes.


Lawanda said...


You are one brave woman!!!! I thought I was being brave for posting the wedding pics, but this!! THIS IS BRAVE!!

There AIN'T NO WAY I am posting my entries from my diaries. You think I am a huge dork on my blog? Well obviously I was a million times worse in jr high and high school.

Me and Kevin red some of my journals the other day and I about DIED right then and there. roflollololol

I loved it though, since it was YOURS! ;)

Lawanda said...

*read* Ahem. Sorry bout that ;)

Krista said...

OH yeah, you are brave! I think I'm glad at this point that I didn't keep a diary or journal in high school... that started in college and is sporadic at best. Hey, kind of like the boyfriends...
My first kiss didn't happen until I was 21. Crazy!

Krista said...

whoops, can't do the math, make that 22!

The Mom said...

That is awesome! I have kept a journal since I was 14 and I love to go back and read my entries. So was this your first kiss with him, or your first kiss ever?

Jessica said...

Wow!!! You are brave!

I found you thru SITS, you should coe check out our kid product giveaway for your kiddos!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

What a great post!! Ha! You were such a good writter then, my diary is a bunch of silly stuff. I was afraid to write anything real because my mom would have read it!

Can't wait to

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh this was too great - love the walk down memory lane! I'll have to see if I can find any journals from high school. I have some from the summer before college but I'm not even sure I want to share those! haha

shayla said...

That was great! Thanks for humoring me with that one!


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