Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage...

Thank you all for enduring the last post. I felt very exposed I admit. Yet I survived and now we can finally move on to the wedding stuff. I wanted to wait until sometime next week to do it but I also wanted to move the other post along. There's nothing to make you feel so self aware than when a new commenter stops by and that's the the post they see. YIKES!

I'm going to give you the wedding break down in bulleted form since there's no real "story" and it would just be a jumbled mess...kind of like the last post.

-Our colors were navy and white. The only two colors we both would agree on. I figured since it is the hubs wedding too, he should have some say.

-I'm the most laid back person when it comes to almost anything, this included specific details on the wedding and my bridesmaids shoes. I couldn't have cared less what shoes they wore. They actually dumped me off at the church really early so they could run to Payless to get some shoes.

-Yes, the grooms cake was a tornado. He was a storm chaser at the time and the cake lady was all over wanting to make a tornado cake. I think it looked awesome. The phrase on the side said "You caught the chase". My wedding cake was actually pretty plain compared to the grooms cake. Sadly I only got to taste what was shoved in my mouth for pics of the cake.

-Hub's suit was way to big for him. Just thought that I would point that out.

-The preacher decided that we both were to nervous to say our own vows and at the last minute did the traditional vows. He also felt hubs would be to nervous to sing his solo and just skipped it. Hubs was none to pleased. Yes hubs used to sing. Mr Show Choir he was.

-The highlight of the wedding was my flower girl. She was around three at the time and had no patience for waiting around for a wedding. She decided to wonder around the altar and sit in the big chair where the priest normally sits. She sat there most of the ceremony. :)

The flower girl in question was not shown in this picture. Bless her heart it was past her bedtime by this point.

The pics are pics of pics... so the quality isn't great. I didn't have the energy to scan them in.
-Hubs and I were slightly disappointed that no one decorated the car. I guess it didn't matter to much as the ceremony didn't start until 8PM and by the time we did leave it was to dark to really see anything.
-BTW I really loved my dress..still love it as a matter of fact. The veil on the other hand was way to poofy for my standards.
-I did not want to have a ceremony at 8 but hub's dad would not shut the barber shop down for even his sons wedding. That's just the way he was. It worked out fine.
-Instead of heading straight to the honeymoon we invited our closest friends to our house to open our wedding gifts and hang out. It was the last time all of our friends were together in one sitting. I take that over running off to Dallas any day.
-Yes we went to Dallas for our honeymoon. We were po' college students and the fundage was zero. We made up for it over the years.
-It really was one of the best days of my life and not just for the marrying stuff but because everyone on the planet who we truly love was there and that made it really awesome.

*Just to clarify the person from yesterday was not the hubs. In case you were confused.*


Krista said...

Yay for fun wedding stories! I'll probably wait a few more years before I post about mine...
How crazy that it started so late at night!
Ours was really nice. I hope I was laid back... but you'll probably have to ask my friends about that!
My sister-in-law almost didn't make it - plane connections out of DC were weird and then her dress and shoes didn't show up until the day of the wedding! She was the "best man" as my hubby's twin.
People always remember that we had butterflies flying around as I walked down the aisle (I didn't see them and no, it wasn't planned!) and that we had an ice cream bar instead of a wedding cake! That's what happens when you plan a wedding in 3 months and your cake baker decides to move so she doesn't have a kitchen!
Made it memorable though!

The Mom said...

That is hilarious that his Dad wouldn't shut down his shop! I can't even imagine! That is a great story.

Lawanda said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I like the veil! Much better than my stuffs ;)

What year was you married?

And I think it is sweet you invited some close friends over to open gifts! :)

I loved this post!!!!!! You were a knockout. Some things don't change huh? ;)


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh I loved this post - your dress was so gorgeous! I might have to do this one for sure.

Laurie said...

You sound a lot like me! I just let my girls do whatever they wanted, and hubby and I did navy and white as our wedding colors. I'm also in Texas. Nice to meet ya'll!


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