Monday, January 26, 2009

A Simple Womans Day Book

Oustside My Window: The 70 degree weather has completely gone and we are now down to 30 something with possible freeing rain and yuck tomorrow. You know the saying "If you don't like the weather in Texas, stick around 5 minutes and it will change."

I am hearing: Brother Bear 2. We haven't seen this one in a very long time. Change is good.

I am thinking: My children are driving me up the wall and they've only been home for 45 minutes.

I am thankful for: thankful tank is getting close to E. I'm thankful my dryer is actually working decently for a change. I have no idea why the change.

I am wearing: Black slacks and a blue ribbed turtle neck. This is my way of dressing up when going to lunch with the hubs. I know I'm such a fashionista.

I am hoping: To win some Giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaway carnival. I advise you all to take the evening off and get to commenting and winning some great stuff. Oh and btw I will be having some giveaways going myself here shortly, so look for that.

From The Kitchen;
Monday: Left over Indian Tacos. Remember my yearning for some Indian Tacos at the state fair? Found a pretty decent recipe. The link actually goes to a site describing exactly what it is and includes the recipe for the meat and bread. This isn't the recipe I used and now I can't find it at AllRecipes, which figures. The meat recipe in this one didn't have ranch style beans in it, which I think is essential.
Tuesday: Broccoli Cheese Soup
Wednesday: Pork Chops and green beans
Thursday: PW's lasagna. I didn't get to it last week forgot a key ingredient called cottage cheese. Doh!
Friday: Leftovers or whatever

I am reading: Trading Dreams At Midnight. It's ok and I'm getting through it slowly. I'm really considering picking up the first Twilight book again. I know it's an addiction.

I am creating: Nothing really unless you call organizing the junk drawer and planning on rearranging the furniture soon. Hubs wants too, sigh! Oh and then there's the going over the finances thing. Yawn...

Around the house: I probably could have mentioned some of the above things in this one. Oh well.

One of my favorite things: The Bloggy Giveaways this week is one of my most favorite time wasting things going this week. I admit I can be shallow some times.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Adding new giveaways everyday. Hopefully. Get to cracking on the home school preschool thing. We've kind of been slacking. He learns so fast. I'm almost afraid he might get bored in kindergarten, since we go through things so quickly and he just gets it. I also guess I'll rearrange the furniture for hubs too. Woot!

A Picture Thought: Totally random pic. The oldest likes to grab the camera and just shoot. As you can tell I'm still on my OU strike. Just in case you were curious. :)

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Those indian tacos look delicious - I might have to try those sometime!

So the "if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes thing," I first heard when I was living in KY... but now I've been hearing it said about MA too - and now TX? I wonder, do they really say this everywhere?


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