Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday 13-I'm What You'd Call An Expert

I have watched so many variations of Scooby Doo DVDs that I believe I have become an expert and really that's a sad thing to admit on so many levels. I give you 13 points and quotes from Scooby Batman and Robin.
I have watched the Scooby Doo meets Batman and Robin episodes way to many times and noticed a few things that are driving me ape sticks crazy.

1. First of all did you know that Shaggy's voice is played by Casey Kasum, (you know the billboard top 50's radio guy) at least he did back in Scooby's prime.

2. The Joker and Penguin try to scare the "kids" out of their fun house as ghosts. This is where I want to punch Velma in the face as she is supposed to be the smart one.
Daphne: "Velma we know those aren't real ghosts don't we?"
Velma: "Yeeeesss" (with trepidation in her voice)
Daphne: "But just in case they are real, we should probably make a run for it right?"
Velma: "Yes!" (off they run like banshees dragging Fred along)
At least Fred tried to talk reason into those scaredie cats not to run, but was dragged anyway.

3.The kids are in a cave and Joker activated a mechanical bat.
Daphne and Fred start to freak about the bat. Velma trying to remain calm told them that it should be ok, it wont bother us. Daphne replies, "it wont bother us if we get out of here." The kids run except Velma.
I was almost going to give Velma the benefit of the doubt and then she said: "I may not believe in ghosts, but I certainly believe in bats!" and off she ran.
Why did you run earlier in the show when you saw the ghost Velma? Answer me that.

4. The laugh track. Why do they need to insert random laughter in parts that aren't even funny?

5. Shaggy really needs to control his snacking habits. It's kind of rude to bum a snack from the Caped Crusader himself, in the middle of a forest.

6. In one episode they hear a dog barking and Batman asks if they can please quiet down the dog (Scooby). Have you ever heard Scooby bark.. ever? They even put a muzzle on poor Scooby to shut him up and that's when they realized it wasn't Scooby.

A few of my favorite lines:
7. Robin: We'll get to the bottom of it, by getting to the top of it.

8. Robin: Holy Hot Goblins that looks like the Joker and Penguin!

9. Batman: The Cape Crusader always puts top priority for a boy and his dog.

10. Robin: Holy Egg Beaters! The batcopter is gone!

11. Fred offers Batman a lift since the batcopter is gone.
Batman responds: "Thank you kids, by giving us this lift, your giving a lift to every law abiding citizen in the world." Wow who knew the fate of the world laid on the shoulders of a hippie mobile?

12. Shaggy: Jeepers Scoob it's bad enough when your hungry, but when your hungry and scared that is the worst!
Scooby then proceeds to run to a pile of tires and start eating them. Don't they feed that dog anything else but Scooby snacks? I won't go into theories as why these guys are hungry all the time. I will ponder why the kids are never as hungry.. Obviously they aren't on the wacky tabacky, but why would such good kids let their friend and dog engage in such behavior? I just said I wasn't going to go there didn't I? Sorry.

13. Scooby is actually smarter than you think. He's on to Shaggy and his schemes to get Scooby to do things he doesn't want to. You notice Scoobys always the one to capture the bad guys and save the day. It's because Scooby is the smart one of the bunch. He's just playing off of Shaggie's fears, he's really not that scared.

Why yes I was totally watching Scooby for the 517th time, which gave me an idea for this post. Why do you ask?


Anonymous said...

I miss Scooby.. :-( We are at the iCarley, Zoey 101 time.. not near as fun.

I had SUCH a crush on Robin and I wanted to BE Velma.

Lawanda said...

ROFLOL!!!! Nothing like good cartoons! ;)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Love the shows you can quote line for line - that's still Elmo and Curious George for us. Great T13 idea!


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