Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Should Be Cooking Dinner...

I should be cooking dinner but decided the random is more important. The random wins over dinner every time.

-Remember that bigger town that had the awesome Mall? They also have a awesome library. Now I'm having an affair with another town's library. I think it was the fact that it is 4 levels and has a huge children's section and mini theater for puppet shows and book clubs. Could have also been that I found their website first and was impressed.

-I took the boys up to the adult section and had them read their books while I browsed. Bossyboy got a tiny bit rowdy(for the library)..really he was really good for BB and the snooty librarian chastised me for his behavior. He barely was above a whisper and was two rows over from where I was, his brothers in full sight. This probably should be for another post for another time.

-We left shortly after the incident and I came home empty handed. The boys came loaded and next time I'll need to bring two tote bags.

-I'm really trying my best to get through Edward Sawtelle. I don't know what it is about it. I know it's a best seller and everyone (Oprah) loves it but I don't know how long I need to give it.

-I finally have convinced my dearest longtime friend S to read the blog. I think this Internet blogging stuff is a bit overwhelming for her, so I'm going have to tell her more about it in person. Everyone wave at S and make her feel at home.

-It never fails that I have some kind of crazy Meme of a post up when company comes.

-I'm off to cook something that is not on the meal plan. Figures.


Lawanda said...

HEy we got pizza yesterday. Definitely not in the meal plan! hehe

The library sounds rockin!!

HELLO "S"!!!!! *waves* Speak up! ;)

Jen said...

Hi "S"!! Don't worry, my IRL friends don't get the blogging thing either. I think they think I'm weird.

I haven't read Edward Sawtelle, but it sounds like one of those books that take way too much effort to actually enjoy. I've read a few of those books recently and I have to say that they just aren't worth it. Yes, they may be very well written, but if they aren't fun to read then what's the point!?

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Hey "S"! Blogland is fun, I swear!

I haven't read Edward Sawtelle, but I have read books that were supposed to be amazing but I just couldn't read them. I try to give them 50 pages or so, unless they are really awful, then maybe a chapter or two.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. This is all very interesting! It's kind of fun to catch up and really entertaining to read!


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