Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Memes, Why Does It Always Have To Be Memes?

I know that what you guys are thinking... that this is a all memes all the time kind of blog. Jen made me do it. :)

I'm supposed to show off a picture of my living room where the blog magic happens. Where all those creative juices flow to give you a daily dose of my brilliance randomness. Then we're supposed to rattle 20 things about it. I'm going to admit right now that I don't have 20 listed, I was doing good to give you 16. I will however insert a few things that should be in this picture and are shockingly not.

I apologize that the numbers are not showing up great..just look for my lame attempt at arrows and go counter clockwise. Clear as mud?

Oh and if you were to stop by my house in this instance, this is what you would see on a every day basis. Only clean during the hours of 9PM and 6AM, stop then if you'd like.

1. This is where the magic happens. Yes my recliner. Sometimes I'm in the kitchen, depending on if I'm in the midst of cooking or helping with homework. It's all about the multi tasking.

2. My beverage cup. Sometimes if I'm really busy lazy, I can get one of 3 boys to fetch me more ice and D.P. You gotta teach these boys young, that it's not about the wife fetching for husband, it's about husband fetching for wife. A balance if you will.

3. That lifeless red thing on the couch is a stuffed dog. Moving on.

4. This would be Gameboy, doing what Gameboy does best gaming and putting off homework.

5. That would be my precious...my guitar (hero). I'm quite the rocker you know.

6. That's Wonderboy. To close to the television as usual.

7. This would be the obvious T.V. it's only used for playing video games and watching DVDS.

8. The pink wall that contrasts accentuates my living room furniture.

9. Our babysitter home entertainment Wii

10. Wii Wii's

11. Hubs puter. He also has a mess desktop behind me which I vowed to never let anyone see.

12. A throw pillow that goes lovely with my decor.

13. This would be the gateway to our lives...the Internet cord. Without this puppy all life seizes to exist. Technically we are on wireless now, I just haven't put the cord away. There is no phone jack in the living room. Odd?

14. That's the Boss aka Bossyboy.

15. You can barely see it but it's the library bag. To prove to you all that I do do other things besides blog all day.

16. This would be the front door upon which my hubs walked in during the middle of this post. Dinner was not ready and he was early. He loves to just come in on a surprise attack. No phone call saying hey honey, I left the office early, have dinner ready the instant I get home. Nope none of that. I'm sure he thinks this is all I do all day.

Some things you didn't see. Because seriously 20 things? I was stretching it at 16.

17. The faithful dog who is always under my feet near the recliner. He was at my side. We should have just named him Jeans shadow.

18. The hubs on his puter doing pretty much what I do.

19. Shoes scattered here and there. You see mine but there's normally a half dozen others.

20. Random things like hangers, dirty clothes that have been removed from one boy or the other and sock plops.

There you have it folks, more than you ever wanted to know about that magical place my blogging mecca. If you'd also like to let the Internet know more about your blog space than they ever wanted to know, please have at it, cause I know that I want to know.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Yay, we both have Wiis now - I should take pictures of my baby Wii soon - you know for blog fodder. Cause everyone would want to see that - surely my Wii doesn't look like everyone else's Wii, right?

Loved your list - this meme is like the gateway into our souls... or something.


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