Monday, November 17, 2008

Bee Stings ,Malls and Cheesecakes Oh My!

This weekend wasn't hectic or busy per say but more just interesting or something.

Saturday was pretty much just a waste of a day. I spent 90% of it making a photo book on Blurb. I'm, creating a Christmas present for the grandparents. I wanted to put in some of the good stories of the past year that I've blogged about along with photos. This was way more of a task than I thought. I wanted to "slurp" up my blog and then edit what I wanted and didn't want. Blurb can't slurp Blogger, so I ended up going through the year in archives to find the best posts. Ya'll that's a lot of work! No wonder it's stressful writing a book.

Sunday we decided to surprise the boys and take them to Madagascar 2. We hadn't explored the big city next to our small town to much and thought yesterday would be a good day for that.

Here's a small background on the boys. When we lived in medium size to big for its britches town, the mall was not a major attraction. It was the most basic of malls and no bells and whistles. It was only one story, and you were lucky to have the major department stores and nothing more. It barely has a food court with a wide selection of 3 eateries. The boys could have cared less about going to the mall and rarely did we ever go.
I mapped the drive to the movie theatre, having no clue that it was in a mall or much less that big city next to us had a mall. Surprise, Surprise.
We pulled up in to the mall parking lot and I had to be restrained in my seat. The mall was a monstrosity. 3 stories, parking garage, all the bells and whistles, the whole 9 yards. This is not what needed my restraint. I've been to monster malls before and though it was bonus it was not the icing on my mall cake. That icing would be The Cheese Factory -Restaurant, Bakery and Bar.
I have only heard of such awesomeness in the blogosphere and never dreamed that I would ever live even 30 miles from such a dream come true kind of place, yet there it was, in the mall and with in 15 miles of where I live. I can handle that.
Needless to say, when my mother in law comes down a week or so before Christmas we are tearing up the mall...we didn't yesterday as we had other plans. We are for sure going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
My boys also had to be restrained in the mall. They acted as if they were at Disney World seeing the carousel and an ice skating rink all in one roof, not to mention that it was 3 stories and massive. They have been to monster malls as well but never really thought twice about it as they were so young. Sheltered the poor things they are.
Before we left for monster mall/ movies, Wonderboy headed outside with his brothers when the very second he stepped outside, you could hear him go from cheery to screaming and crying in a split second. Yep he got stung by a bee. Poor boy, he has always been deathly afraid of bees. He had never been stung before so whatever caused his fear other than the thought of being stung was pretty significant. His fear was so great that when Bee Movie came out, he freaked. He couldn't even be in the same room when the ads were on. Luckily he got over his fear enough to actually watch the show.
I got him calmed down and grabbed some frozen veggies from the freezer. Thankfully he wasn't allergic and recovered fairly quick, the hint that we had a surprise for them helped. I know I was the biggest baby ever when I was stung by a wasp that was dead...he didn't actually sting me but I stepped on him and they still have sting in them, even when dead. That hurt like a fother mucker, so I can imagine a live bee sting is not a walk in the park.
About those frozen veggies I mentioned...sorry this is a ramble of massive proportions. I accidentally left them out overnight and didn't pay any attention to what particular kind of frozen veggie I grabbed.
This morning as I was laying on the couch reading blogs, I noticed a smell that I couldn't not really identify. It smelled like food that had stayed out to long and was getting that gross smell. I couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. There was nothing in the living room with food, no plates or dishes laying around. I had already put away all the dirty dishes in the sink into the dishwater and just could not figure where or what it could be.
This is where I start smelling everything. The pillow I was laying on, the throw blanket, the couch, the kitchen, the fridge. Nothing. I finally decided to start tidying up the living room. When I grabbed the remains of the Sunday paper off of the coffee table, there it was the frozen veggies. Not just any frozen veggies, frozen chopped onions. Those puppies are pugnacious defrosted. Ugh!

That my friends was the highlight of my weekend. Can you tell were lame and don't do much?


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Aww I'm glad your son wasn't allergic, that would have been awful! And ewww onions - I don't even keep onions in my apartment, I detest them. I mean every now and then hubby will buy like one, but then it's his fault when it barely gets eaten because only he likes them.

Lawanda said...

I am so glad he wasn't allergic!! Kela got stung by 16 bees one time! Talk about scared. But it turned out ok, thankfully!

Your mall sound HUGE! Ours is podunk. ;)

I do not think you are lame at all! :)


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