Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love Being Tagged!

...tagged at Memes that is.
Jen at MommaBlogsALot tagged me.

8 favorite TV shows
(I'm going with of all time as we are still on a T.V hiatus)
These are off the top of my head in no particular order. I've probably forgotten some that are way better.

1. Seinfeld
2. Mad About You
3. The Office- both British and American
4. E.R. I haven't watched since early college but I still have to list it as a fave..either that or my mind is just completely blanking out.
5. Mythbusters
6. Dirty Jobs (Im a Discovery Channel junkie)
7. House
8. Throw in a dash of reality with Amazing Race

8 Favorite Restaurants
I haven't gotten a chance to really explore new restaurants around town. We're not into the chain type restaurants except for a slim few. I'm listing some of old faves from old town.

1. Mercardos..basically anything Tex-Mex
2. If I'm craving good old fashioned chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, I go to Daniel Boones Bean & Burger.
3. Little Italy for Italian
5. Vaughn's for catfish..
6. Texas Roadhouse (thanks Jen I might have forgotten that one)
7. Braums if I want a good fast food burger and a real cherry lime aide. Not like Sonic who uses Sprite instead of Soda water. I do love Sonic don't get me wrong.

When we moved into town the first thing I scoped out was if there was a Braums, Sonic and Tex Mex restaurants nearby, so far all 3 are with in 10 miles.
8. Spring Creek BBQ -This one is also in the metroplex but not nearby.

8 things that happened yesterday-
1. Took the boys to school
2. Crashed out on the couch to recover from the concert..no I wasn't drinking I'm just old.
3. Did some form of pre-school activity. Yesterday it was writing B's and 2's and doing some activity sheets.
4. Picked up boys from school
5. Drove all over the county trying to find the tax office to get hubs mid life crises car's title transferred. -Never did find it..Google gave me confusing directions and took me to a road that literally ended. Just a random note: I did find the place today and I put the title in my name as hubs forgot to sign all the stuff on the back. Tee Hee. He's gonna love me for that.
6. Stopped at Sonic to re gather my strength.
7. Fixed dinner-steak which was a little to rare to my liking and rice.
8. Actually went to bed at a little after 9. Something I never do.

8 things to look forward to
1. Trash day- it really and truly does not take much for me.
2. Thanksgiving
3. The drive to Thanksgiving, which should only take 2 and half hours not counting potty breaks, something that's been unfathomable the last 9 years.
4. The boys first real snow at home..after that I'm good for the snow..I'm not looking forward to dealing with it all the time. Just in case you guys think I'm some kind of snow freak.
5. Christmas Preparation, I may actually get to enjoy it this year since I'll be home and won't feel so rushed.
6. Christmas
7. Seeing Bossyboy through his story time at the library. (A possible post for later)
8. The Bloggy Giveaways next week. 8 of these is harder than you think.

8 things I love about fall
1. That it's during my birthday
2. The weather of course
3. The tree colors
4. Football pro and college
5. Thanksgiving
6. The day after Thanksgiving
7. The crisp air (I'm totally pulling stuff out my butt now)
8. Christmas nearing...

8 things on my wishlist
1. New table and chairs...Santa, you out there?
2. An IPod Nano. I know, I'm totally behind the times.. I do have an MP3 player but it's not Ipod and it's not a Nano.
3. Some kind of actual television provider, like say cable or satellite. I don't ask for much... really. We're still under this "no T.V. for an eternity" challenge.
4. A trip to Florida with the familia, to visit the mouse.
5. A trip to some beach anywhere.
6. A good fix for the housing/banking/stock market crises...you know.. since it's a wish list and all.
7. That America chooses the right candidate to fix all our problems. Like say, I'm easy to please.
8. Man I just can't think of anything else at the moment..lottery winning is always good. Maybe a trip to the spa for some pampering for the first time ever, would be good. I'm really feeling blessed and content at the moment.
8 people I am tagging- I'm breaking the rules on this one. Tag your all it.


Heidi said...

Oh Braums. Why did you have to bring that up. Now I'm homesick. Don't you dare say Rosa's Cafe and make me come down there.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I can't remember if I commented or not so I'm going out on a limb and commenting now. Sorry if you get two comments from me, but really is multiple comments really a bad thing?

This meme was way harder than it looked - the hopeful things especially. I hope you get some good tv soon!


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