Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday -Kitchen

The kind folks at CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner sent an offer to 5MinutesforMom for Tackle It Tuesday, that I couldn't refuse and it couldn't have come at a better time. I needed to get all the boxes for the kitchen unpacked and then clean up the resulting mess of scattered boxes and smudge marks everywhere.
Since my new kitchen is fairly vanilla in color, any sign of dirt and grime shows quite significantly. I got my bottle sent just at the perfect time to my new address and was ready to get unpacking and cleaning my new house.

Side Note: This was all done a few weeks ago, for those who think I am just now getting moved into the kitchen. Ya'll are smart Internets and probably figured that already.

I was halfway through unpacking the kitchen before I had any access to my camera which was buried beneath everything else in the car.

This is the rest of the untackle. I had a whole lot more boxes than this just for the kitchen.

At this point I'm just trying to find that perfect place for everything.

Once all the boxes were removed and everything in its place; I wiped down all the counter tops and even sprayed on spots on the floor where the boxes made smudges. I tried to take pics of the dirt but it was really hard to see with the white.

I was a bit concerned at first, after reading directions on the bottle about requiring proper ventilation and thought the fumes might be overwhelming. Surprisingly I thought the fumes were very subtle and actually was a nice clean smell and much better than the bleachy smell like most products. I would think that cleaning a small unventilated bathroom could get rather strong and would suggest that you turn the fan on and not close yourself in...but that's just me. I'm sure that's what they meant when cautioning about good ventilation.

I was very impressed with the product and the way it cleans. There were some tough smudge marks from the boxes and craziness going on the kitchen tile but after spraying it and letting it sit for a bit; it seemed to wipe up easily with no sticky residue. I can't wait to get using it on the bathrooms where it will be used the most.


Susie said...

Great tackle and a great review:-)

Heidi said...

Sign me up.


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