Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Lost Atleast 3 Of My Main Senses..other than that I'm good

I'm not even sure where to start, the beginning is usually a good place.

When I'm going to an unfamiliar area by myself the anxiety sets in. I sorta kinda know my way downtown but when it comes to knowing which parking area to park to find my gal pals..well lets just say I took several loopty loops until gal pal talked me through it on the cell phone.

We got there fairly early probably because we were over excited and we wanted to eat at Hooters, because were classy Texacan girls. We barely ate anything.

My next concern was the camera thing. Gal Pals told me X-Nay on the ameracay... sniff. There was no way were going to let something like a smuggled camera delay us longer from the boys.

A few visual noticeable things about the fans; none of them really looked the 30 something moms night out type. Maybe cause they were all dressed to the nines in heels (ouch) and cute tops. There were also girls who went all out and did the whole 80s dress up and crimp their hair thing. It's always fun to people watch at these kind of things.

Another observance a few rows in front of us were all couples. I just thought it sweet. Me on the other hand would rather see NKOTB with my home girls and not the hubs. He also appreciates me for that. I did find it funny that Donnie thanked the guys who were dragged to the concert for coming.

The show itself was everything I hoped it would be. We had great seats directly to the boys right. So when they were facing the audience we were getting a side view. It really wasn't that bad, they were close and we could see them coming on stage before anyone else..heck we could practically see into their dressing room.

My hearing is shot...I'm still hearing the ocean and screams. It was really bad last night and early this morning. That was the main problem I had. I could hear them sing but it wasn't as enjoyable as hearing it clearly in the car with out 20,000 screams.

My voice is actually ok shockingly...cause I did scream A LOT.

Natasha Beddingfield has a beautiful voice and she is beautiful..but I didn't pay to see her, I paid to see the boys. I just wanted her to sing the two main songs I know and be done with it. To bad it doesn't work that way.

I don't know why or what they are thinking when they try to bring some random warm up the show act with a no name talent from Jamaica. This was like the pre pre show. Ugh! It almost turned me off from the whole thing. The boys made up for it though. They sang a good variety of old and new. They of course finished it off with Hangin Tough for the finally. It was really an awesome site to see 20 thousand arms up in the air swaying. Loved it. Of course it doesn't take much to thrill me. I got perklempt a few years ago at the Wiggles concert. You can guess I was even worse last night, but in a fanatic fan sort of way.

One other oddity. Two older ladies in their 50's sat next to me. They weren't with their daughter or anyone else for that matter. They weren't even really into the concert. I felt kind of bad because I might have overwhelmed them a bit with my screaming and white girl attempt at getting jiggy with it. My guess is that one of them may have been one of the dancer's mothers. I always like to make up theories about people. The reason I say that, is because Donnie introduced the dancers and said she was from Big D and that her mother was out in the audience. He pointed somewhat generally out into the audience in our direction. Again it's a total theory. They did not stay through the finale which also led me to believe they were going backstage after the show.

I would never dare end this extraordinary rambling of NKOTB (sorry you had to endure it) without some pics from my good friend L's concert. She did bring her camera and from the pics it looks exactly like how it did at my she had a better view of the front of them, where all you'd get from me is a really good side view with maybe just a hint of buttock action. Thanks L for the pics. I can always pretend it was my concert pics and not yours. :)

I could easily tell that Donnie is still her main man as she had a good fifty shots of Donnie.

I'm more of a Joey girl myself, but Donnie will do too. I'm not particular as anyone of them will do. Even MonkeyBoy is a cutie now.

We enjoyed the shirtless action Jordan gave us. Surprisingly L didn't send me one of that one.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

sounds like you had a great time :) I would have enjoyed some shirtless Jordan pics, myself. :P

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting all day for your post on the concert! My pictures are your pictures! I thought that lady from Jamaica was very wierd. We all could have done without the pre pre show! Donnie is still my main man, but I did take some pics of Joey for my friend Amanda who was freaking out and making sure that I was getting pics for her too! I did not take any pics of Jordan without his shirt on because I think he is gay and I have never thought he was that cute anyway. I am so glad that you had fun! I wore earplugs the whole time...I hate loud music. The earplugs allowed me to hear just the music and blocked out all of the other sreaming fans. I could only hear myself singing and screaming at the top of my lungs. This comment is getting way to long. I will call you tomorrow while the kids are at school!


feather k said...

I am SO jealous! Jordan was my fave...glad you had a great time!


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