Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Can't Eat and I Cant Sleep But I Can Be Random

I can't concentrate on anything else whatsoever at this point in time. In 2 glorious hours I will be cranking up the CD to drive my mom taxi to downtown Big D to meet up with my gals. Woot! Woot!
This post is totally mindless (like usual) to keep me preoccupied for a bit.

-I'm really trying to figure out if is is actually ok to bring the camera or are people just sneaking them in...or it's all on the camera phone.

-I'm jealous that longtime childhood friend whom shared my passion for New Kids, went last night in her town and then e-mailed me a ton of pics to rub in my face that she got to go first...pffft on L....Just kidding, maybe. ;)

-Hubs wanted to take the kids to the fair while I went to the concert. I threw a fit as I have been bugging him every year for 9 years to take me to the "Big Fair" and we never have. Now he wants to do it on the day that I can't. I think he changed his mind as he would have to juggle all 3 boys alone.

-Hubs also decided it would be fun to freak me out this morning by saying he was running to Mickey D's to bring back breakfast. An hour plus later he returned. During the time he was gone, after say 30 minutes, I became concerned as he hadn't returned in a decent time and thoughts began to run through my head that maybe he somehow got in a wreck in our new little town and then my mind just went irrational from there. I was cursing him for deciding to get in a wreck the one and only day I do not need him to be invalid. That in turned to thinking which is more important... of course hubs...and you can just think the rest out from there. Thankfully he finally did return in one piece.

-Hubs aunt and uncle always call the day they are in town to come visit. They live in OK also and visit friends that live here in the Big D area. I also became concerned that their visit may interrupt my concert preparedness..luckily I think their visit just helped make it go faster. They never stay long and just wanted to see the house and it was on their way back. I always have to go in panic clean up the house mode when they arrive and this time I didn't. That felt good.

-I think my skinny non mom jeans are finally getting dry so time for me to get down and dirty or something and get ready..Woot! I will be sure to blog of my rehashing of my adolescence. Sleep will be very little tonight, I'm sure.


Krista said...

I hope you have a great time at the concert! Sounds like you really need a break from all the moving and big changes and "trash"iness! ;)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Hope you had a great time, can't wait to hear all about it!


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