Friday, October 17, 2008

Real Life

I got this meme over at Jen's -Momma Blogs Alot. This was my hourly documentation of yesterday afternoon to evening. It has been edited due to time contrant purposes and the fact that you might nod off during viewing.

Shoe Hunting

Shoe Wrangling

Pick Up Line

The Return

The Discovery

Snack Time

Forgive Me?

Pooper Scooper
Rounding Decimals

Dinner For The Homework Weary

Daddy's Home Finally

Bath Time So Much Fun

One More

Last Load
Two Will Do


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I love how you show the clock in various pictures to show time passing - very cool - looks like you guys are settling in nicely.

Heidi said...

Oh I like that. I can picture your day and man I'm tired. and hungry for pizza.

Anonymous said...

Did the idea of M&M's and popcorn come from Rebecca? I have taught Gracie that it is the only way to eat popcorn. When she sees me getting the popcorn she asks for her "prizes" (m&m's) to go with it!



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