Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday 13-Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is my parent's 38th wedding anniversary. I know it's "That" day. Sad Huh?

So here are 13 random things about my parents.

1. Before Matchdotcom and EHarmony were even invented, was the age of newspaper classifieds. The trend of the late 60's and 70's. My parents met through a singles ad in the classifieds.

2. My dad and hubs are scarily similar in odd ways. I can't say that's the reason I married hubs as the similarities were unbeknownst to me. After just a few dates with my mom, my dad proposed and proposed and proposed until she finally said yes. If my memory serves me right he whipped out the engagement ring (his dads mothers or something) and proposed in the car. C did the exact same thing. Proposed over and over pretty much in a joking way,,and then seriously proposed with a ring while we were driving in the car.

3. While dating, my mother offered dad to come over for breakfast. Mom lacked confidence in her breakfast skillz and had her ex-nun roommate make the breakfast and she played it off like she fixed it.

4. On the way to Lake Texohoma for mom and dads honeymoon, they had to make 4 turn around trips back to OKC. The first time they totally forgot to pack the suitcases. The second, third and fourth time I'm unclear on. I want to say it had something to do with the keys to the cabin they forgot, and some other stuff they forgot. I'm going to have to get clarification on what was so important. It makes for a better story.

5. Before fertility testing and treatment, there was the old just keep trying treatment. Finally after 7 years of marriage I finally arrived on mom's birthday.

6. My dad still to this day never forgets to send mom roses on her birthday, anniversary and mother's day. Mom says she's admitted to forgetting their anniversary, yet easily gets reminded when the roses get sent.

7. When Sept 11th happened my parents didn't even know it had all happened until way later in the day. Being down about what happened on their anniversary, they went to their favorite eating place for dinner. There was not a single other soul in the restaurant. The manager told them that since that day was such a tragic yet happy day for them, dinner was on him.

8. My father God bless him, always tries to buy my simpleton mother such extravagant gifts. I mentioned the ring before. He also has bought her an expensive piece of Waterford crystal. Dad would give mom the moon if she wanted or didn't want it, if he could.

9. My parents are avid OU fans..of course. They used to be season ticket holders all through the 70-80's what else were they gonna do, since they didn't have kids for 8 years?

10. My dad built and designed their underground house. With a little bit of help that is. The neighborhood knows who's house to go to during tornado season.

11. My parents are the most generous people I know. They would do anything for anybody...say like loaning money to poor newly married college kids, and maybe even letting them stay in their rent house practically rent free. Not that I would know anything about that.

12. They tolerate my children for weeks on end during the summer. That right there in it self is a nomination for sainthood.

13. Finally, my parents have an adoring loving understood relationship that may seem strange to others. They never were the big kissy huggie affectionate type. I think it's due to the times in which they were raised; as hugs and kisses with in the family just didn't happen. You just had to trust or be content with the understanding that you were loved because you were clothed and fed. When I married hubs the total opposite was true for him and his parents. Needless to say I had a realization that not every family was the same. I think surprisingly through hubs and the kids, the 'rents have really come around to their affections.


Erica said...

Aw, I love this story! How sweet.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful 13~~ LOVE it!!

7 years..then you!! How wonderful..after 7 years some may have quit trying. I'm glad they didn't!!

An underground HOUSE!! I want an entire post on that!!


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