Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Feel LIke I'm Slowly Drifting Away

The week has been a bit surreal. I feel like I'm here but not here. I think the boss is trying to wean their dependence on me so to speak, by just having me do the "menial" tasks that have to get done and supervising. I'm ok with that, I think. When calls are piling up, I could be helping but instead I just busy myself with the busy work. Not to mention there's another hurricane that will possibly hit Texas and if it hits the Houston area and is bad, this will be a good bad thing for work. Busy + Extremely= Money - Less Experienced Worker = Needing All The Help They Can Get.

I know you guys are completely exhausted from my non stop tirades about work. I totally understand. This is something that is a bit life changing for me at the moment and well, it's the main thing on my mind other than finding a house, packing, moving and possibly homeschooling. Not that I have much on my plate or anything.
I'm really just ready to get the work thing over and done with and the week is droning on to never ending.
The most important thing of the week was ordering the food for my end of work luncheon. Priorities. Supervisor girl and I make it one of our most important tasks of the day by planning the days lunch. This usually starts about 10-1030. She is distraught that she won't have her lunch partner to help her decide what the plan for lunch is anymore. Sniff I'll miss it too.

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