Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Resignation Letter

Dear Friends of Software Co,
Effective September 12th I will no longer be employed with Software Co.
I have been with several of you for 6 interesting years. We've endured storm after storm, and software glitch after software glitch. We've had times of transition and "tilling the soil" in whcih sometimes we'd work day to day uncertain of our futrue work status. Yet we hung in there and succeeded.
There were also the great fun times of ping pong tournaments (of course my only contribution to ping pong was avoiding getting smashed with the ball ,either passing through or when eating lunch) and skill building sessions and impromptu trips to StarBucks, cause there we're no available conference rooms for our meetings.
The annual Christmas parties always became the highlight of the year; in which some of us would still be talking about it all the way through February. I know someone out there has my drunken karoke video and is just waiting for the day to blackmail me.
I will never forget the family like atmosphere we had as you all were and still our my only family in Texas. We supported each other in bad times and praised one another through good times. Someone is always looking for a good laugh whether it be filling up the bosses office with balloons while out of town on business or just randomly coming up behind people, tapping them on the shoulder and running the other way. We tried to always make the best of whatever the situation.
You guys will be sorely missed, yet it's time for a new chapter in my life and that chapter involves packing up and heading to Big D, where I hope to stay home and become a greater presence of my growing boys lives. I finally get to have this opportunity and C has become blessed to find an awesome job that allows for me this opportunity.
Software Co. may have not been the best best company to work for but it has been one of the best best of people to work with.

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Heidi said...

Big D is great, you will love it! It's hard to leave a job, but what an adventure.


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