Monday, September 8, 2008

A Few Random Work Happenings

I will try very hard not to make this post yet another whining post about work. (crosses fingers behind back) Hey this is the last week you'll ever hear me speak of actual 9-5 real job work for a very very long time. I might as well get it all out of my system.

I came this close to calling in this morning. What would they do fire me? I really should have just not come in.
When I first came in everyone was in an uproar because the e-mail was completely down. This makes our job a tad difficult, but we were going to make do.

Last week I was all "Oh all is swell with the newbies, things are just hunkie dorie, their picking up so fast." I don't know what happened but I feel like we're starting all over again. It's like I told my supervisor. It's one thing to ask me a hundred different questions, it's another thing to ask me the same question a hundred times. Needless to say I'm chewing my right arm again. 32 plus hours to go and counting.

I came back from lunch and not only was the e-mail down but the entire network was at a stand still. One can make do with out e-mail to a cannot make do when nothing works to do your job. When it's storm time, it's not a good thing at all. We literally sat around for a good two hours. A little bit before 5 supervisor and I decided it's time to go home our work here is done.

My boss is in shambles about me leaving. He's made so many jokey counter offers to make me stay. Like "You and C's marriage would be so much stronger if he just came home on weekends." or "You could commute from Big D everyday" Today he offered to split me on the recycled cans fund. He drives quite a hard bargain.

The boss did tell me that I would get to pick what the office would bring in on lunch on Friday. So I hope everyone likes Mexican cause that's what supervisor and I decided. We're hoping for a vat of queso. I told her if they couldn't do a vat for all 50 plus of us then the bossman is just going to have to get us our own special stash.
I really do feel appreciated that he's throwing out the red carpet for me on my last week. He's even eased up on my work load so to speak. In other words instead of taking calls, I'm just supervising. Though at times I'd almost rather just do the calls myself, as it would be so much easier.

I'm so ready to get started on the new chapter of our lives, not to mention these storm hours are killing me.

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Anonymous said...

Mexican.. do you think that they will OK Margarita's??


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