Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Randomness Going On Right Here

As of 2:30 (yeah I'm headed out the door after my exit interview) tomorrow I'll not be a paid Working Momma. I still will consider myself a "working mother" just not a paid one. So any fears that the blog would go to the wayside or jumping the shark by changing the name would happen. It's not gonna happen.

I'm getting out while the going is good. Storms a 'comin again and this time it's literally going to land right on top of East Texas. The projected path arrow stops right over east Texas. Fun! We'll see how things go, we may have to head North. Rain and lots of it is pretty much the forecast for the next few days.

I might as well mention fantasy football. I won my first game. Which if I hadn't, I would have gone ballistic and said forget FF. So my attention span is still with holding. Gameboy is playing ff with us and he's become addicted. He lost his first game by 2 points and the poor thing cried. He's kind of like his momma, cause I would have cried if I lost too.
I had to tell him to think about the guy who picked Tom Brady as his main quarterback and now he's out for the season, because you know he's crying too. This made feel a little bit better.

One last tidbit on the work front. I really appreciate the fact that my boss really appreciates me. Even for the short 5 months I've worked under him, he thinks some how I hung the moon and I'm not really sure why. The point is he mentioned the luncheon tomorrow and that if work wasn't "sponsoring" it he would have pitched in his own money to pay for it. I think he's trying to butter me up to stay longer.
My "old" boss came by and wanted to tell me it's been a pleasure, in case, he said he didn't get to me tomorrow. He's not a man of many words so I'll take what I get.

The boys just found out that they will remain in school up til the very last minute that we move, yet baby brother gets to stay home with mom and pack. Gameboy mentioned that he was thinking it was just a few days until his last day and has gotten into the "doesn't matter mode, cause I'm leaving soon anyway."
It kind of made me laugh..since I've been in that mode for a month now. Working the long hours has catered to that mode as well. Poor guy is a bit disappointed about his extended stay.

I think I'm kinda getting a cold. Who knew one could sneeze out cheeto dust.


Anonymous said...

Your hurricane is allowing our college football game to go off of pay per view and on regular tv.. yeah.. In other news...that SOB is going to soak us too. WOW it's HUGE.

Lawanda said...

Stay at home moms definitely are working moms! LOL There is always something to do, every day. Just when you go to work, you can ignore it for a little longer. SOMETIMES! LOL

I actually enjoyed working, as I could get away while making money, and thus less guilt! ;)


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