Sunday, August 17, 2008

FlipPee Toilet Shield Review

Have you ever found a product that made you say; "Why didn't I think of that?" The FlipPee is one of those products.
Here is a blurb from FlipPee
-Protects your toilet, floor and walls from accidents
-FlipPee attaches to your toilet with premium suction cups and rotates down to store discreetly around the base.
-The drip lip feature stops any excess from hitting the floor when its flipped down.

Seeing as how I have 3 boys myself, I figured this product was something I would definitely need to try out. If it's going to help me reduce constantly cleaning around the toilet than I'm all for it.

The FlipPee is a plastic shield that suction cups around the basin of the toilet and should mold around any size or shaped toilet. When I first put it on I struggled a bit to get it perfectly around the toilet with out gaps, but since it is so easy to get on and off it really wasn't that difficult to retry until I got it. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Here was my dilemma; it took long enough for my boys to get the hang of finally lifting the seat up to go. I was concerned that I would have to "re train" them to lift up yet another item in order to do their thing. I had them try and get the hang of it for a week or so. The thing is I didn't constantly watch them I don't know how often they actually lifted it up. I did observe the 4 year old a few times, when I could, to see how much it did shield. It seemed to have worked pretty good; considering that he didn't miss aim to badly anyway.
I did notice that when I cleaned the bathroom after a few days that it didn't seem to be near as many mis-aims around the floor of the toilet. Which is always a good thing.
I think this product will be great for those little ones still training; which is what it seems to be targeted for.

If your interested in the FlipPee it's only sold at the FlipPee website for $24.95


Anonymous said... then you flip it down and if there is pee left over it stains the base of your toilet??

Robyn said...

Hmm... I can see this being sueful for my little potty-training one. Thanks!


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