Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday 13-Posts In Draft

Since I'm on gag order about my vague thing happening, I'm drawing a blank on anything else remotely interesting to blog about. I went through my drafts to see what I have written and chickened out on posting. Starting from recent to really old here are some of the titles. You didn't think I would actually list all my drafts in one post did you? Just the titles and a little idea of what it's about. Aren't you excited? It's not like anyone is reading as their all heading to BlogHer.

1. Trying To Sit Patiently On Vague Thing Happening
This is my full disclosure post live as the vague thing was happening. It's riveting, but I'm under gag order by the hubs.

2. Sssh Buzz Blogging
I actually posted this one for 18.5 seconds. Within those seconds my dear friend L read it and sent me an e-mail asking why I removed it. Uhm I think you can get the idea of what was going on with that post...moving along..

3. I Wish I Could Say...
Sometimes I get a bit melancholy

4. The Slump
Typical girly should be appreciative that I'm sparing you my hormonal rages.

5. Flickr Meme
I never finished. Those kind of Memes take some work.

6. Staring At Blank Page Hoping For Post To Hit Me
A random thoughts posting. Me random? Never.

7. Please Tell Me You've Done This Before
Hormones again. Do you see a pattern?

8. Just Another Manic Weekday
A typical hour by hour break down of my daily routine. This one wasn't a work one but a wake up feed the kids taxi route post. Riveting stuff

9. Thursday 13-Vegas Style
My observances of Vegas and the people

10. Cleaning and My ADD Tendencies
How my mind works when I clean.

11. Weird Finds
Weird Etsy finds. I may publish this one this week. It's really entertaining to me at least. I'm easily amused.

12. Kiss It And Make It Better
A simple booboo kiss can make it all better

13. I'm Not A Big Fan Of The House Of Wal
This post was written in early April. Would you believe that is the last time I remember going to the house of Wal? I'm not a big fan. Shoot I haven't visited a department store in forever.


Jen E said...

I love this idea and would have totally stolen it, but for some random reason I just deleted all of my drafts in a weird need to clean and organize something other than my apartment...

Anonymous said...

Rimmy interviewed me..go over and ask him to add you to the interviewee list...
You know you need to email me..and tell me..I'm dying over here.

Jen said...

I think the cleaning and ADD tendencies sounds intriguing. I hope you publish that one. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Well other than the vague thing (since you can't post about yet - and I have a few guesses, but am keeping them to myself), I'd love to read any of these if you ever decide to publish them! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea for a post. I have a ton of drafts that I've never gotten around to posting/finishing. If I may, I might use this idea in the future.


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