Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's A Good Thing Random Is The Norm Around Here

I'm up later than normal, just pittering around trying to catch any tiny glimpse of any buzzed mom that's twittering or gasp.. blogging. So far it seems pretty quiet. I'm not really sure why I'm fascinated with it, maybe cause I so wish I were there.

I haven't slept well lately the last couple of days, to many hamsters running their wheels in my head. My to do list is about to get way to long.

Bossyboy(4) was "reading" his brother's Pokemon book to me before bed. He quizzed me on some of the Pokemon and when I did actually get one right he said; "You got it girl" in this real you go girl kind of way. Totally cracked me up. Then he had to correct me as I was calling them Pokie men instead of Poke bad.

I ate a Lunchable for lunch yesterday. I had to bring lunch for the boys and decided to grab one for myself as I didn't feel like sitting in a hot car behind 50 other cars in the drive thru. I was impressed that they've gone all 40% less fat (the Lunchable not the drive thru). My low fat chocolate pudding hit the spot after my tasty meat and crackers. Good old Lunchable I felt nostalgic eating it.

Speaking of lunch; I hate my lunch hour half hour. 12:30 is the peak time for all of East Texas to eat lunch. 30 minutes to get your food and get back does not cut the cake. I just had to get that off my chest after 6 years of working with that lunch time.

That's really all I've got for now.

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Anonymous said...

MOM...I can't believe you were calling them Pokiemen..
Drew doesn't like Pokemon anymore..darn it..
He's TOTALLY into Ben 10 right least I like that too.


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