Friday, July 25, 2008

This Post Brought To You By The Letter W for Work Whine

Oh sweet Internet, please allow me to defrag my brain a bit. Thank you for your cooperation.

-First off; work has been a b*. You know that teeny tiny puff of a hurricane Dory, Betsy or whatever it was?..well when the first slight puff of a storm happens; all the storm troopers come out in full force. Since my job assists those storm troopers to help you, the little insured fix the hail damage on your house from that tiny puff of wind and rain, we get just a tad busy.

-I haven't slept well in days! Sleep is a requirement for full-time moms who have to babysit train new people at work. I have to be perky and patient and I have ZERO patience left today after this week. Poor newbie, it took all I had not to chew my right hand off. I don't need it much anyway since I'm left handed.

-I pretty much have let those co-workers whom I actually care about, know of our news. They are pretty much in shock. Hubs and I are one of the old timers of this company so yeah shock was a bit of an understatement. Is it bad when your boss literally tells you he hates you? He was joking of course..I think.
I'm trying to reassure them that I won't jump ship just yet.

-All this busyness has left me absolutely no time to read blogs...what's up with this pay me to actually work buisness?

-I have to work Sunday and I'm not thrilled about it.

Yes friends this is my woe is me whining random post edition. Thanks for stopping by.


Krista said...

Whoo, lefties untie! Er, wait, unite!
Good luck with the work stuff. It will get better, right? Right? :)

Jen said...

Do your dream date post. I swear it was very therapeutic. Hope you have an easy day at work.


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