Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dream Date

Jen E at Daily MisMash found this fun little time waster site called Polyvore where you can create a collage of just about anything. She decided to do a fun little meme with it and challenged me to do a dream date collage with details of my dream date.

She must have known I was low on fodder.

My dream date would not include Ryan Gosling as he's already taken by Jen. ;) So I would have to go with the next best thing and that is the hubs.
We would start off by heading to the mall after dropping the kids off somewhere. Hubs has just surprised me with a spur of the moment trip. We pick up a cute little black dress and shoes for our romantic date and new everything else for our trip. Then we would head to the airport to some beach somewhere.
Hubs would already have our spa appointment set up. Where of course we would have the best massage ever right out on the beach.
Once we were relaxed and feeling like jello, it would be time to get dressed for dinner. Of course for the first time ever in my life my hair and makeup would look totally fabulous and my new little black (size 2 of course) dress would fit perfectly.
Our hot air balloon would be awaiting to take us to a vacated part of the island where our romantic dinner would be hot and ready. Our meal would consist of calamari for appetizer, the greatest Italian food ever and of course we would over indulge. After dinner dessert would be the greatest turtle cheesecake in the world and I would of course have plenty of room to eat it all.
As we finish dinner we would be serenaded by the best Elvis impersonator, this side of the western hemisphere. He of course would be licensed to finally renew our vows in a little chapel nearby, since we didn't get to it in Vegas.
If all went perfectly we would be whisked back to our hotel room via hot air of course and before crashing out we would eat chocolate strawberries and drink champagne all while watching chick flicks.

Join in on the fun if you have nothing else to do and let me know.


Jen said...

Wasn't that so much fun??!! Your date sounds awesome, btw. I've never been on a hot air balloon ride. That would be so romantic.

Krista said...

Wow, you're creative! I don't think I could come up with a date like that... our dates are extremely boring... wanna plan one for me? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooooo that does look like fun. I wanna do one... but not now cause I haven't read all my blogs yet..


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