Friday, July 25, 2008

How I Scored My Wii

In pursuit of the coveted Wii for my birthday last year, I was prepared and did all my homework before setting out on a quest for the holy grail..the Wii.

No I wasn't one of the first standing in line at midgnight waiting for a desired number to stand in line again in hopes that I would get one. Instead I played it smart. I waited until the initial craze died down, but was not about to make an attempt at getting one during Christmas. The funny thing was I wasn't pursing this coveted gaming machine for my sons, but for ME. I'm not saying they didn't want a Wii, I'm just saying that I wanted it just as much as them if not more. I was willing to get it for them me.

It was the weekend after my birthday. We got in the know and found out that all shipments of the Wii come in Sunday mornings. That Sunday morning hubs gave me the nod to go on my quest for the coveted Wii. I had my game face on and I was ready to hit every big box store in the city in hopes of acquiring my prize. Like Rocky all trained up I was ready for a fight..well maybe just a scowling look on my face.

I hit BB first. I was easily expecting not to find it at the first store. That would have been too easy. I eased on down the Wii aisle trying to be non chalant and hoping to the wii gods that I wasn't gonna have to fight someone if in fact it was there.
I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for as I had never actually seen a store have one in stock. I gazed up and down the aisle assuming it would be in a largesqe box that said Wii. You know because that sounds logical.
Then the heavens opened and a shining light shone down, the angels were singing, the trumpets were blaring. I didn't know what to do at first. I looked all around believing that someone else would also be hearing the sweet wii angels singing. I really didn't have the gall to fight someone over it, yet it remained there for that .27 seconds that I gazed upon it. I grabbed it and hugged it tightly, I began to cower around it just in case someone were going to tackle me to the ground. Yet there was not a single soul that Sunday morning in the Wii aisle at BB. It was the last and only one there that morning.
It was unbelievably to easy. I hurridly made one additional purchase -Wii Play (it had the extra remote and the game..score) I scurried to the check out. The dude made the snide remark; "lucky you, you got a Wii." "Yep it was the last one." I said hurridly. "Wow, they barely lasted an hour this time." he said. Sweet! Perfect timing on my part.
When I brought the holy grail home, hubs was shocked, he didn't actually think 1. that I would find one and 2. that I would find it that quick. It helps to do your homework.
Scoring my Wii Guitar Hero III at Christmas was just as easy. It's like my Wii and Me were meant to be.

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Heidi said...

I know exactly how you felt. I went to every store in town & didn't find one. On a whim I dragged my whole family an hour away to a bigger town & we just happen to go into a BB where there was only one left. I told Hubby, "grab it, hurry grab it!" We both just stood there scared to touch it. I asked the sales guy if it really was a Wii. He said it was a return, but not opened. We didn't care if they drew grafitti on it, as long as it worked. When we finally did I felt like I was King of the World. One lady actually did get upset, which I think made the experience that much better. Congratulation on your Wii. I hope you play it more than we do.

Daisy said...

Your planning paid off! Perfect timing.


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