Sunday, June 1, 2008

You Have Been Heard Internets

I have decided to go ahead and leave the names as they are. I totally understand the confusion on names and what not. I'm with ya, as I also sometimes have the same issues on other blogs with names.
I also have added the Crew to my sidebar. I did actually have this listing at one point in time and it disappeared due to my fiddlings with my template and I just never got around to re adding it. I'm sorry for not adding it back in and didn't realize what a handy little thing it is to have.

On this note, I'm off to run to the store for vegetable oil to make a birthday cake for a little big Bossyboy. My babys not such a baby anymore..sniff..


Lawanda said...

I love your names on here. Glad you decided to keep em. I don't really try to hide much. My theory is if someone really wants to do me in that bad, it'll happen internet or no internet... :-p

but I love other people cute names :) And yours are some of my faves :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I struggled too with how much to reveal. I keep their real names - mainly because by the time I had even thought about it, I didn't feel like going back and changing all of my previous posts. And I figure that their names are pretty common ones anyway. :)

I like the names you use for your kids - and I'm glad you didn't change them. :)


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