Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whats In A Pseudo Name?

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately on the boys pseudo names whether their to hoakie and fake. I have been struggling with the idea of changing their names to "normal" names, yet think this would confuse you guys even more. Just when you get the hang of it, I go and want to change it.

I read Jennifer the "PlayGroupie's" post on her tips of how she compiled such a following of groupies. She really had some interesting suggestions. One included the whole fake/real name thing. What she said made a lot of sense. Just go read it.

I know when I first started this blog thing just barely a year ago, I was trying to do what everyone else was "doing". I took a cafeteria approach to what privacy I wanted to keep and what I felt Ok to share. The name thing was a biggie. I believed and agreed with the philosophy that if you write it than you should be the true author of it. I also believed that I didn't want the innocent to be dragged into whatever it is I was writing about. Hence the cutesie names. Though all the time the names bugged me.

The one and only thing hubs has actually liked about the blog is that I didn't use their real names. I will certainly respect that since they are his kids too. I decided to reveal to you guys actual nick names that we do call the boys. No one else calls them these names but us.

I will promise to kinda give hints and what not, so your not going now which one was that? Believe me I have a hard enough time keeping their real name straight much less nick name and pseudo name.

Drum Roll Please...

Gameboy who is the oldest, the one who had the Fear Factor birthday, AKA Pecos Bill- we call D.

Wonderboy who is the preemie and Aspie I call Will. Hubs actually hates it when I call him that..all the more for me to say it here. :)

Bossyboy who is the boss and baby is T.K.

Now don't you feel all special and stuff that I let you into a little piece of my real life world? Yeah well I do. Here's my question to you dear sweet reader(s). I realize the nicknames aren't any more normal than the pseudo name. Do the initials confuse you even more? I just hate to give them a completely random normal name. My brain is very fragile and anything that complicates things for me, causes head asplosions. I am willing to cave, if the general consensus demands normal names.


Anonymous said...

I really liked your "cute" names for the boys. I thought that they really fit them from all of the stories that you write about them. When I saw them last it was all I could do to not call them by their cute names.

jennifer said...

Initials can be confusing...but! A good way around any confusion is to put a cast of characters thing in your sidebar, so that people can refer to it when reading.

In my sidebar, I have a place where I put who I am, my kids names, and my husband's name. I would like to include the ages of the kids, too, but it made my sidebar a little too cluttered.

Krista said...

Oh, leave the names the way they are please! I've just finally figured out who's who! And I think the names are cute/descriptive. Initials really don't mean anything to us out in the blog world.
But a cast of characters like Jennifer said would be helpful as well!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Yes, a cast of character is always a fantastic idea. Lovely photos, by the way.


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