Monday, June 2, 2008

Cake Caper

I'm livid at the moment....

I baked Bossyboy a cake for his birthday tomorrow. I painstakingly took most of last night making a figure eight race car track, which looked pretty darn good if I say so myself. I wrapped it up and left it on the kitchen table. A place I assumed would be pretty safe, after all the last 2-3 cakes in the past 2 months have been pretty safe there. Well, not tonight.

We went out to hang out at Big Box electronic store, cause we're a bunch of nerds and have to get our Rock Band fix. We came home to what I believe was some kind of major car crash on the race track. The "track" was literally torn in half and cars strewn every where. Definitely something you might see at Daytona. I believe a red flag was probably in place. (I know nothing of what I speak when it comes to Nascar)

The dog got into the chocolate cake. Grrr. So now we're gonna have to go and get Bossyboy a new cake. Luckily he wasn't to upset but was asking what happened to lightning McQueen and where's his race track? Poor thing.

Normally my tradition is to decorate the dining area in their birthday theme after they go to bed. When they wake up it's like a little surprise party. Now its kind of ruined. I don't even feel like decorating now.

Sadly I don't have before pics as I planned to take them tonight..but here's the demolition derby pic..
Needless to say the dog is outside right now


Krista said...

Oh no! That's really sad. :( But it looks like the top half of the cake survived... couldn't you just cut off the bottom half and have it be a round track rather than a figure 8?

Anonymous said...

I would be really pissed. That just sucks. Are you going to make another cake or go buy one at the bakery?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh no! And it looks like such a cute cake too. I agree with Krista - maybe you could save just the one part that still looks like it's in good shape... :)

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

KC said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I would have me one dead dog. LOL
It did look like it would have been one really nice cake..
OH and Happy Birthday to Bossyboy.

jennifer said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THat is SO terrible, I'm so sorry!


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